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Resources about Windows 10

Welcome to the resource world of Windows 10. From here you can learn many practical skills on Windows 10, and get the most effective solutions when you forgot Windows 10 password or have any other problem with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Password

Forgot your Windows 10 password? Here are practical skills to reset, change, or remove Windows 10 passwords.

Windows 10 Installation

Here are some useful tips for installing and upgrading Windows 10.

Windows 10 Account

Show some tips about Windows 10 user, Admin, and Microsoft account.

Data Backup and Recovery

This section provides you with tricks on data backup and data recovery on Windows 10.

Laptop Password

If you encounter password-related issues on your Windows 10 laptop, get the best solutions here.

Fix Windows 10 Issues

Help you fix some common issues in Windows 10.

Basic Skills

Here are the most commonly used operation skills or How-to guides on Windows 10.