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How to Bypass Windows 10 Password and Automatically Login

When you’ve set password for your user on Windows 10, you have to type the password on the sign-in screen each time you log into Windows 10 as the user. However, sometimes you may want to bypass the login screen and automatically login Windows 10 without password. This is likely because you have forgotten the password and locked out, or is just because you think it troublesome and waste of time to type the password to login. In any case, it should be easy to bypass Windows 10 password and automatically login.

How to bypass Windows 10 password and automatically login in two cases

Case 1: How to bypass Windows 10 password to automatically login when you can login system

Generally, you just need not to set any password or open the Control Panel to remove the password you’ve set, if you want to bypass Windows 10 login screen and automatically login without typing password. But it would be too old school and may be not the way you really want. Following it’s a new way to bypass Windows 10 password within system.

Step 1: Simultaneously press Win + R keys to bring out Run dialog box. Then type netplwiz and press Enter key.

Run Netplwiz

Alternatively, you can press Win key on your keyboard or click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner on Windows 10 desktop to bring out Windows 10 Start menu. Type netplwiz in the search box and then click the netplwiz in the search result.

Search Netplwiz

Step 2: User Accounts dialog opens. Select the user (local user or Microsoft account) whose password you want to bypass on your Windows 10 login screen from the users list. Then uncheck the box next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer, and click the Apply button.

Uncheck the box

Step 3: In the Automatically sin in dialog, type the user name and the right password, and then click OK.

Automatically sign in

After that, each time you start or restart computer you can bypass the login screen and automatically login Windows 10 with the user. This can save a little time for you to quickly boot into Windows 10.

Notably, if you simultaneously press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to sign out the user, you will still need to type the password when you re-login. It means the user is actually still password protected, you can bypass its password only when you start or restart Windows 10. This way, it can help lock your Windows 10 when you need to get away from your computer for a while but don’t want to shut down the computer.

Case 2: How to bypass Windows 10 password when forgot password unable to login

When you forgot Windows 10 password and be stuck at the login screen, the first though comes to your mind must be how to bypass password and automatically login. Fortunately, it’s not hard. Both a password reset disk and Windows 10 installation media can be your choices if you have either one or them. If you don’t, a specialized Windows password reset tool like Windows Password Refixer should be the better choice.

Why can Windows Password Refixer bypass Windows 10 password?

Windows Password Refixer is a specialized Windows password reset tool, which can remove user login password for any version of Windows including the latest Windows 10, or add new users you can use to sign in Windows.

Steps to bypass Windows 10 password using Windows Password Refixer

If you’ve totally lost access to your own computer as administrator, you will need another accessible computer to help you complete the task.

Step 1: Create a boot disk

1. On anyone accessible computer download and install Windows Password Refixer and then launch this tool.

Launch Windows Password Refixer

2. Select one media type (USB drive or CD/DVD), insert your media, click on the Begin burning button, and format your media when asked. When Burning Successfully pops up, Windows Password Refixer tool has been burned into your media and you get a boot disk.

Burn Successfully

Step 2: Boot Windows 10 computer from the disk

Connect the boot disk to your password forgotten Windows 10 computer. Start or restart it and access to its BIOS to change the boot order to set computer to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD. It depends on your media type.

Tips: How to boot your computer from USB drive and how to boot a computer from CD/DVD.

Step 3: Bypass Windows 10 forgotten password

Once computer boots up and Windows Password Refixer starts, select your Windows 10 and the user whose password you forgot and want to bypass. Then click on the Reset Password button. Set the user password to blank when asked. It immediately removes the forgotten password.

Remove/Bypass Windows 10 forgotten password

Step 4: Automatically login Windows 10

When password is removed, click the Reboot button and disconnect the boot disk from your computer. Your computer will restarts and directly bypass the login screen and automatically login Windows 10 without typing any password.

Tips: Using Windows Password Refixer you can bypass Windows 10 password for local user account and reset Microsoft account password to a new one, and add new users for Windows 10.