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Delete Saved Username and Password in Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge

Storing the username and password in your Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Microsoft Edge, which can be hugely helpful for you to enter your iOS device, especially for the forgetful people among us. But not everyone feels those details preservation is very comfortable on the device at all. If it gets into the wrong hands and makes you feel frustrated, you should be able to make a decision that you don’t want these details saved on your device anymore. Now, this post shows how to delete your saved username and password in your Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Microsoft Edge.

Part 1: Delete username and password in your Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome, click the three vertical lines menu and select Settings.

choose settings

Step 2: Find and expand Advanced at the bottom of your window. Choose Manage passwords under the Passwords and forms section.

choose manage passwords

Step 3: Next, you can see a list of all the usernames and passwords have been saved under Saved passwords.

appear all usernames and passwords

Step 4: Hit the three points icon three vertical lines and choose the Remove button to delete the username and password you have decided.

hit remove button

Note: If you wish to delete all saved passwords from chrome right away. There is an easier way showed for you. Just to do that: After opening Google Chrome, press Shift+Ctrl+Del at the same time. Choose Passwords box and click CLEAR BROWSING DATA. ( See the following picture )

click clear browsing data

Part 2: Remove username and password from Firefox

Step 1: Launch Firefox browser you have installed on your computer.

Step 2: Click three parallel lines and choose Options.

choose options

Step 3: In the left sidebar menu, tap Security option. And then choose Saved Logins at the bottom right of the Security page.

tap security

Step 4: Choose web site you prefer to delete from the list and click Remove. Similarly, you can also click Remove All to remove all User names and Passwords saved on your Firefox web browser.

tap remove to delete

Part 3: Delete username and password from Safari

Step 1: Access Safari browser. Hit Settings icon and select Preferences.

select preferences

Step 2: In AutoFill screen, click AutoFill option and make a tick in front of User names and passwords. Tap the Edit button to open next window.

click autofill button

Step 3: Select Website and User Name you prefer to delete and choose the Remove button. You can also click Remove all to clean up your saved Website and User Name fleetingly.

clear all usernames and passwords

Part 4: Clear username and password from Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Edge by writing Microsoft in the Search box.

launch microsoft edge

Step 2: Click More actions icon and then choose Settings.

open settings page

Step 3: In SETTINGS window, scroll down and click View advanced settings button.

view advanced settings

Step 4: In the Advanced settings screen, hit Manage my saved passwords link.

manage my saved passwords

Step 5: At this time, all saved usernames and passwords appear here. Just click the X button to delete them you wish.

click x button

Note: If you want to delete all usernames and passwords, click Choose what to clear in the SETTINGS page. And then choose passwords and clear button. This means that all saved usernames and passwords have been deleted flashily. ( See picture below )

tap choose what to clear click clear button