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Clone/Backup Windows System, Partition, and Hard Drive

iSumsoft Cloner is the secure and reliable disk cloning software used to clone/backup Windows operating system, partition, and hard drive. With this software, you can

  • Copy Windows system from one hard drive to another, such as from HDD to SSD, and remain the destination hard drive bootable.
  • Replace your computer’s hard drive without reinstalling Windows or data loss.
  • Copy one partition to another partition or hard drive.
  • Backup and restore Windows system or partition without any data loss.
  • Clone one hard drive to another, preserving the integrity of all partitions and data.
  • Create a WinPE boot disk that allows you to clone Windows system, partition, and hard drive without logging in to Windows.

System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008/2012/2016 (32 bit & 64 bit)

Hardware Requirements

2GHz CPU or above, 512MB RAM or more

clone Windows system

Clone only Windows OS to another disk

  • iSumsoft Cloner allows you to clone (copy) only the Windows OS from your computer’s hard drive to another disk, such as from HDD to SSD, and remain the destination disk bootable. It creates an exact replica of the operating system drive only and does not copy other data partitions. The cloned system can work perfectly on the destination disk without any problems.

Backup and restore a Windows system/partition

  • With iSumsoft Cloner, you can easily back up the Windows OS or any data partition as an archive file, and restore the backup to the required disk whenever needed. This protects you from data loss in the event of system failure, Windows upgrade, hard drive replacement or other unexpected situations.
backup and restore system or partition
clone hard drive

Clone one hard drive to another

  • iSumsoft Cloner also allows you to clone an entire hard drive to another, such as cloning an HDD to an SSD. Every bit of information on the first hard drive will be perfectly copied to the second disk, including the Windows system, all partitions, drivers, software, and patches.
Easy to Use

All you need are several clicks without any computer techniques required.

100% Effective

100% success rate in cloning, backing up, and restoring system/partitions.

100% Safe

100% safe for both your drive and computer, with no data loss or virus.

Best Compatibility

Support NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT formatted drive.

How it works

Step 1: Choose the clone mode you want.

Step 2: Select the source drive and destination drive.

Step 3: Click on Start to start cloning. Watch Video

Listen to the user's statement


Mate, thanks very much for this software. It worked perfectly, cloned my Windows 10 operating system to SSD from mechanical hard disk. Booted straight up and everything works spot on. Thanks again!


You are a life saver to be honest. I can’t thank you enough. This fantastic software let me upgrade my laptop hard drive to SSD without reinstalling Windows.

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