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How to Burn a Windows 10 ISO File to USB

If you have a Windows 10 ISO file, burn it to a USB drive so that you can create a Windows 10 installation/setup USB. Some people thought burning is just copying the ISO file to a USB. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Actually, you can’t do that without a third-party tool. Now here show you how to burn a Windows 10 ISO file to USB drive with the free Rufus program.

How to burn a Windows 10 ISO file to USB

Step 1: Download the free Rufus tool from

Step 2: Double click the rufus-2.3.exe file, or rufus-2.2.exe, or some other, just depending on the version you downloaded. Then Rufus program will start.

Step 3: Insert a USB device into your computer.

Step 4: Then Rufus program will recognize the inserted USB device and you can see your USB drive name showed in the drop-down button under Device.

select your usb device

Step 5: Just leave all the options its default state. The thing you have to do is making ISO Image selected next to Create a bootable disk using, and then clicking the CD/DVD icon.

Select ISO Image and click CD/DVD icon

Step 6: Then navigate to the path to your Windows 10 ISO file through the Open dialog. Select the target ISO file and click Open.

Open ISO file

Step 7: Now click Start and then confirm the WARNING: ALL DATA ON DEVICE ‘WILL BE DESTROYED’ dialog to start the burning of Windows 10 ISO file to the USB drive.

Start to burn Windows 10 ISO file to USB

Note: If important data is stored on this USB drive, backup it in a safe place first before you confirm the warning dialog.

Step 8: Wait patiently while the burning process is on and don’t unplug the USB drive. It depends on the Windows 10 ISO file size that how long the burning will take. Usually it takes around 10 minutes.

Burning Windows ISO to USB

Step 9: When the status at the bottom of the Rufus program window says DONE, you can close the program and unplug the USB drive.

When you complete burning a Windows 10 ISO image file to a USB drive, you get a Windows 10 installation USB. And the Windows 10 installation USB helps perform 3 tasks, which include Windows 10 installation, system repair, or password reset.

Conclusion: An ISO file including a Windows 10 ISO file is actually a copy of an entire data CD/DVD. You have to burn it to a USB or CD/DVD flash drive before you can use it. And it requires you to use a third-party burning tool like Rufus or some other to perform burning.