How to Override Lost Mode on iPhone/iPad

Override Lost Mode on iPhone

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, and you have enabled find “My iPhone” on to lock it down. If you still don’t know how to stop “Lost Mode” when you lose your iPhone, then here is…

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How to Fix iPhone Says No Service Issue

Fix iPhone says no service error

Many iPhone users report that their device displays a “No Service” status bar message! They said that the iPhone was working fine, but suddenly there is no cellular signal and lose the cellular network service. The good news…

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How to Fix iPhone Screen Flickering | Glitching

fix iPhone screen flickering

Your iPhone display keeps flickering and you don’t know what to do? The screen flickers change color or turn black, but you are not sure why? In this article, I will explain why your iPhone screen flickers and…

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How Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

fix iPhone stuck on headphone mode

Your iPhone is stuck on headphone mode and you’re not sure why? Even when you aren’t using headphones, your iPhone can get tricked into thinking the headphone is plugged into the headphone jack or Lightning port. In this…

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Fixed: Windows Security Keeps Asking for Outlook Password

Windows Security keeps asking for password

Many Outlook users report that Windows Security keeps asking for Outlook passwords. No matter they click to cancel or log in, the prompt will appear repeatedly. This guide explains several quick fixes to stop Windows Security from asking for…

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How to Factory Reset Surface Pro 4 without Bitlocker Recovery Key

Factory reset Surface pro without Bitlocker recovery key

BitLocker is a very useful feature on Windows, which allows users to easily encrypt drives. If you have turned on BitLocker encryption on your Surface 4 and now want to reset your device, you must enter the BitLocker…

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How to Delete Cache Files in Windows 10

Clear cache on Windows 10

Windows stores various cache files on disk. They are temporary files stored so that you can more easily and quickly access frequently used content. However, the cache takes up a lot of space on the computer’s hard disk…

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Fixed: The file is Corrupt and Cannot be Opened in Word Excel PPT

Fix the file is corrupt and cannot be opened error

Sometimes a file can be damaged or corrupted in such a way that Microsoft Office program can’t open it normally. For example, you may see an error that says something like: The file is corrupt and cannot be…

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How to Send Large Files via Email

How to send large files via email

The file is too large and it fails to be sent? Most email services and software limit the size of file attachments, and many of your recipients cannot receive long video files anyway. Don’t worry, there are other…

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How to Clone M.2 SSD with Only One Slot

Clone M.2 SSD with only one slot

I recently purchased a Samsung M.2 960 500GB SSD for my laptop to upgrade. I would like to install M.2 Internal SSD as the primary boot drive, but my system has a single M.2 slot and drive. How…

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