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How to Start Microsoft Edge Open with Specific Webpage

This tutorial describes how to set Microsoft Edge open with Specific page or pages when you start browser so that you can quick access website where you want to reach in Windows 10.

How to Set Microsoft Edge open specific page when you open browser

Use these steps below, you can right get to the website you want when start your Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Launch the Microsoft Edge app.

Step 2: At the top-right, click More button, then, click Settings.

Open Microsoft Edge Settings

Step 3: In Open Microsoft Edge with drop-down box, select Specifics page or pages.

Enter a URL that you want open automatically in the box below the drop-down list, then hit Enter to add it.

Open Microsoft Edge with Previous page

Step 4: To add more, click Add new page. And type in URL you'd like to open.

Enter new page

How Many URLs can I added to open with when start Microsoft Edge?

The most pages you can add is six URLs. If you add the seventh URL, Microsoft Edge will restore to open a default page instead of any one of you have added.