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How to Open Power Options Window in Windows 10

Power options in Control Panel is a setting that allows the user to adjust power plan and power settings on Windows device. This article shows different ways to go to the Power options control panel applet on Windows 10 PC.

1. Open Power Options window from Search Box

In the search box on the taskbar, type power op, and then select Power Options from the result.

Open Power options window from Search box

2. Open Power Options window from Run

Step 1: Press Win+R on keyboard to open Run dialog.

Step 2: Type in powercfg.cpl, and hit Enter.

Open Power options window from Run

You'll see power options windows displaying.

Power options window

3. Access to Power Options window from Power Icon

If you are using a laptop or tablet PC, use this way, you can easily open Power options window.

Step 1: Right-click or press and hold on the Power icon in the notification area

Step 2: Select Power options from that menu.

Open Power options from Power icon

4. Open Power options window from WinX Menu

If you are using the easier version of Windows 10, you can open Power options window by using WinX keyboard shortcuts. To do: Press Win+X keys to open the WinX menu, select Power Options (or press O).

Open Power options from WinX menu

In Window 10 Creator Update or later, since Power Options in the Win+X menu opens to Settings by default now instead of the Control Panel. You need to click on the Additional power settings link on the right side of Power & Sleep tab in Settings.

Additional power settings

5. Access to Power Options Window from Control Panel

Open Control Panel to small icon view. Then find and click Power Options to open it.

Open Power options from Control Panel