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How to Enable or Disable BitLocker Auto-unlock for Drive

Here provides three methods to Enable or Disable Auto-unlock a drive encrypted by BitLocker in Windows 10/8.1/7:

3 Methods to Enable or Disable Auto-unlock for a Drive Encrypted by BitLocker

You can set a BitLocker-protected removable data drive to unlock automatically when you sign in to that PC. If you turn on BitLocker for your operating system drive, you can also enable BitLocker auto-unlock for an encrypted fixed data drive when you start Windows.

Method 1: Turn on or off auto-unlock for a BitLocker-protected drive in Manage BitLocker

Step 1: Go to This PC/My Computer, right click on the encrypted drive to select Manage BitLocker.


Step 2: To set a BitLocker-protected drive to unlock automatically.

In Windows 7, select when you type password, checking Automatically unlock this drive on this computer box.


In Windows 10/8.1, locate to the drive you want to enable unlock automatically, click Turn on auto-unlock


Step 3: To turn off auto-unlock for fixed data drive or removable data drive, just click on Turn Off Auto-unlock option.

To turn off auto-unlock in Windows 7, click Turn off automatic unlocking for this drive on this computer.


To turn off auto-unlock in Windows 10/8.1, click Turn off auto-unlock option in BitLocker Drive Encryption.


Method 2: Enable and disable BitLocker auto-unlock for drive in Command Prompt

Step 1: Open Command Prompt, and run it as an Administrator.

Press shortcut key Win + X, and then click on Command Prompt (Admin).


Step 2: In the command prompt window, execute enable auto-unlock command below, hit Enter key.

manage-bde -autounlock -enable D:


Tip: D is the drive letter of the encrypted drive you want to turn on auto-unlock for.

Step 3: To disable auto-unlock, execute command: manage-bde -autounlock –disable D:


Step 4: After it appearing Automatic unlock is disable on volume D, close the command prompt window.

Method 3: Enable or disable BitLocker auto-unlock for drive in PowerShell

Step 1: Open an elevated PowerShell, and run it as Administrator.

Open File Explorer, select drive you want to enable or disable auto-unlock. Then click File tab on the ribbon, select Open Windows PowerShell as administrator.


Step 2: To enable auto-unlock, execute command: Enable-BitLockerAutoUnlock -MountPoint "G:"


Step 3: Execute command: Disable-BitLockerAutoUnlock -MountPoint "F:"


You'll see the value data under Autolock Enabled is False. You have done disable auto-unloker for drive.