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How to Change Account Name that Showed Sign-in Screen

This is a quick guide to teach you how to change account name that displayed in Windows 10 Sign-in Screen. You can rename your computer to make it more private.

How to Change A Microsoft Account Name in Windows 10

Use these steps, you can change the full name along with your email address that shows up on the sign-in screen.

Step 1: Click on the Start menu, click Account option, select Change account settings.

Change account type

Step 2: Locate to Your info, click the Manage my Microsoft account link to open the web browser and load your profile.

Manage Microsoft Account

Step 3: In the main page, click the Edit name link.

Edit name

Step 4: Change your name and last name to something less identifiable, and click Save.

Change Microsoft account name

Step 5: Restart your PC to make it effective.

How to Change A Local Account Name in Windows 10

If you're using a local account, there're 2 methods to change the name of the account that appears in the sign-in screen.

Method 1: Change the account name in Control Panel

Step 1: Press Windows key + X, then click Control Panel from "Win + X" Menu to open Control Panel window.

Open Control Panel

Step 2: Click the Change account type link under User Accounts.

Change the account type

Step 3: Select your local account. Click the Change the account name link.

Choose the user you want to change its name

Step 4: Type in a new name you want for your account, click the Change Name button.

Change account name showed in Sign-in screen

Method 2: Change account name in Local Users and Groups

Your local account can be renamed in Local Users and Groups, just use these steps to do it.

Step 1: Open Local Users and Groups.

Press Win + R keys to open Run dialog, enter lusrmgr.msc and click OK.

Open Local Users and Groups

Step 2: Open the Users folder, double-click a user that you want to change its name.

Change Local account name

Step 3: Type in a new name in Full name field, and click OK.

Change full name

Step 4: You can restart your PC, and the new name of account will appear in the Sign-in screen.

Change account name that appears in Sign-in screen