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Why Do I Need a Microsoft Account for Windows 10

Generally, most people are used to using a local account to log into Windows 10. However, a Microsoft account also can be a very useful and sometimes essential sign-in option. Here we will talk about why you need a Microsoft account for Windows 10.

Why do I need a Microsoft account for Windows 10

1. A Microsoft account synchronizes Settings between PCs

Usually, you personalize your Windows 10 based on your liking, which may include changing the theme, customizing lock screen and desktop, and some other Windows Settings. If you do the personalization with your Microsoft account sign-in, the Settings will be remembered by this account and saved on the web. When you use this Microsoft account to log into any other Windows 8/10 PCs or devices with internet connection, your Settings will travel with you. What’s more, the browser history and passwords you use for websites, apps, and networks also will be synchronized as long as you trust your PC. However, you won't do any synchronization if you sign in with a local account.

Sync settings

2. A Microsoft account makes it easier to use Windows 10

When using some apps such as Office, Skype, OneDrive, Calendar, Mail, etc. in Windows 10, you need a Microsoft account. What’s more, only after you sign in with Microsoft account, can you use Cortana in Windows 10 and download apps in Windows Store? However, you only can browse the Windows Store but can't download or install any apps without logging in with a Microsoft account.

Cortana only helps if you sign in Microsoft account

3. A Microsoft account helps if you forgot Windows 10 local account password

Generally, most people set up a password to secure a local account. If you forgot the password and can’t find any available way to reset Windows 10 password, switch to Microsoft account to log into your PC if you’ve ever added a Microsoft account on your Windows 10. Even if you forgot your Microsoft account password, it doesn’t matter. After all, it’s much easier to reset the password for Microsoft account than the local account.

Conclusion: As you can see, there are many benefits and some features in Windows 8/10 are only available if you are using a Microsoft account. However, not everybody would want to use it to log into Windows 10. Some people would rather log in with a local account and sign in Microsoft account only when necessary. Anyway, we advise adding both a local account and a Microsoft account for sign in Windows 10, in case of need and convenience.