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How to Remove Double Arrows Overlay on Icons in Windows 10

In Windows 10, when you compress a file or folder, its icon will have a double blue arrows overlay at the top right corner to indicate that it's a compressed file or folder. If you are not happy to see the blue arrow, you can remove them. This article will show you how to remove the double blue arrows icon in Windows 10.

Double blue arrows icon

Way 1: Remove Blue Arrows Icons in Registry Editor

To remove double blue arrows icon on folders and files, you have to download the ZIP archive which contains the empty icon. It will be used instead of the blue arrows icon.

Step 1: Download transparent icon.

Step 2: Then move it into your C:\Windows\System32 folder. If prompted to provide administrator permissions, click on Continue to proceed.

Click on Continue

Step 3: Open Registry Editor. (run regedit)

Open registry editor

Step 4: In the registry editor, go to the following path:


Step 5: Create a new subkey named Shell Icons.

Right-click on Explorer, select New > Key, then give it a name Shell Icons.

Create Shell Icons registry key

Step 6: Under the Shell Icons subkey, create a new string value and name it 179.

Create a new string value 179

Step 7: Double-click on 179 string value. Set its value to the full path the "blank.ico" file.


Set value data

When done, close registry editor. Restart your PC, you'll find blue arrows icon is removed.

Way 2: Remove Blue Arrows Icon in Properties

To remove double blue arrows icon in file or folder Properties, here's how:

Step 1: Press Win + E keys to open File Explorer. Go to Document directory.

Step 2: Right-click on that folder with double blue overlaid and then select Properties.

Open file Properties

Step 3: Under the General tab, select Advanced in the bottom right corner.

Select Advanced

Step 4: Clear Compress contents to save disk space checkbox. Click OK.

Uncompress contents on files or folders

Step 5: In the Properties window, then Apply.

Select Apply changes to this folders, subfolders and files option to confirm attribute changes.

Apply changes to all folders and sub-folders

You'll see the double blue arrow disappear. You can repeat do this action for other folders in different directories.