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How to Print Web Page without Ads Using Clutter-free Printing in Edge

If you are looking for a way to save or print a web page without ads and other links on the sidebar. Here has the most flexible solution that takes only seconds. We are going to show you 2 ways on how to easily print/save web pages from Microsoft Edge without ads and unnecessary clutter.

How to Enable Clutter-free Printing on Microsoft Edge

Start with Windows10 version 1803, the new version of Microsoft Edge includes an option that removes all the distractions for a clutter-free printing experience. Let's see how works:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Edge. Open a web page you would like to print.

Step 2: To print the web page: press the Ctrl+P keys or click on the More button and then Print.

Print Ads-free web page

Step 3: Select On in the Clutter-free printing drop menu, and click on Print when ready.

Clutter-free printing

Step 4: Specify the location you want to save the print output file.

Save Print Output.

Bonus tip: The Clutter-free printing option will only be visible for a certain type of web pages. If you cannot find that option, you can still print the web page without Clutter by using the following way.

Clutter-free printing invisible

Option 2: Print Webpage without Ads Using Reading View Feature

You can use the following steps to show the language bar on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 PC.

Step 1: In Microsoft Edge browser, load the web page you want to save, and then click reading view icon in the address bar.

Step 2: When web page in reading view, right-click and select the Print option to open the print dialog.

Microsoft Reading View

Step 3: Click the Print button so that you can save or print the web page without ads.

Save webpage without ads