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Add or Remove Words from the Spelling Dictionary

When autocorrect and highlight misspelled words are turned on in Windows 10, it automatically checks spelling error for the words you have typed. If the word is not found in the dictionary, it will be underlined in red. If you add a word to the dictionary, it will no longer be highlighted as a misspelled word. If you add a wrong word to the dictionary by accident, do you know how to remove the word from the dictionary?

Here is a guide on how to add or remove words from the spell checking dictionary for Windows 10.

Option 1: Add Words to Your Dictionary for Current Language

Add words to the dictionary so that your system doesn't identify them as misspelled.

To do add words to the spell checking dictionary, right-click on a highlighted misspelled word you typed, and click on Add to dictionary.

Add to dictionary

Option 2: To Add or Remove Words in Dictionary Default.dic File for a Language

Step 1: Open the Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Open the location of spelling dictionary.

Copy and paste %AppData%\Microsoft\Spelling into the address bar, and press Enter.

Location of spelling dictionary

Step 3: Open the folder of the dictionary for a language you want to customize.

Open dictionary folder

Step 4: Open the default.dic file with Note pad.

Open default.dic file

Step 5: You can now add or remove words that you no longer want to be highlighted as misspelled.

Tips: Add a single word per line. When finished, click/tap on File in Note pad, and click on Save As.

add words and save as

Tips: If you want to reset and clear all words in the spell checking dictionary for a language, in Step 4, delete the default.dic file. The default.dic file will automatically be recreated the next time you add a word to the dictionary for this language.

Reset and Clear all words in Dictionary