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Windows 10 Part Apps Display Blurry Font Problem

Some desktop applications may appear somewhat blurry after you updating to Windows 10. You would notice that the annoyance fuzzy texts severely impact your visual reading, actually, you can fix this problem by change some settings.

Part 1: Change the Size of Apps' Text

I have managed to resolve this by adjusting the Display Scaling Settings for these applications, Here we go:

Step 1: Go from Setting > System > Display, click on Advanced display settings.


Step 2: Then select to click on Advanced sizing of text and other items.


Step 3: Click set a custom scaling level.


Step 4: Select 125 % of normal size from drop-down list, then click OK.


Step 5: Click on Apply button, then click Sign out now to affirm apply these changes.


Step 6: After your computer restarting, repeat do step 1 to step 5, but this time you should select 100%.


Check scaling level for all my displays use 100% scaling instead of 125%, apply changes. You’ll need to reboot your PC for the change to take effect.

Part 2: Update software or applications

1. For some certain program appear blurry font problem, you can fix the issue in the following method:

Step 1: Right-click on the program shortcut and select Properties option.

Step 2:  Now go to Compatibility tab and enable Disable display scaling on high DPI settings option.

Step 3: Apply the changes and restart the program. Now the program will show proper fonts.


2. If some of your program such as Word, Dreamwear are still appearing fuzzy font, like picture showing. You'd better update to download the latest version.