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How to Reset/Remove HUAWEI MateBook Windows 10 Password

HUAWEI MateBook runs Windows 10, it supports login with Windows Hello via its fingerprint sensor between the volume buttons. Once configured, unlocking the MateBook is as easy as touching the sensor with a registered fingerprint. For some reasons, you might have forgotten the login password, that's a frustrating experience. This article provides some options you can try to reset or remove your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Option 1: Reset HUAWEI MateBook Password when can access

If you forgot HUAWEI MateBook login password, but lucky that you can access to your device with PIN or fingerprint. It is easy to reset password for your account. Determine which type of account you have and use one of the following solutions to reset Windows password:

A Microsoft account is set up using an e-mail address, and is used across other Microsoft services. If you use Microsoft account but forgot the password, you can reset your password online from Microsoft website. Go to, and follow the screen instructions to reset your Microsoft account password.

If you use a local password has administrator rights, it's easy to change login password. If you are not able to reset your password for some reasons, try one of these other options below.

Option 2: Reset HUAWEI MateBook Password with Windows Password Refixer

If you need remove or reset MateBook login password without damaging data inside it, iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is a wise choice. This tool can help remove password for local account, reset password for a Microsoft account and create new administrator account for your HUAWEI MateBook.

Step 1: Create a password reset disk.

Insert USB stick on any working Windows-based computer, install and run Windows Password Refixer. Follow the Setup Wizard to complete installing. After running this tool, you need to choose USB device and burn this software to create a password reset drive. After it burning completed. Unplug USB stick and use it to troubleshoot the locked device.

Create a password reset disk

Step 2: Boot locked HUAWEI MateBook from USB drive.

1. Shut down your HUAWEI MateBook, and insert the Windows password reset disk you have created.

2. Press and hold the Volume-down button, press and release the Power button. Keep holding the Volume-down+Power buttons until the Windows logo appears on the screen. This will boot MateBook from USB drive.

Boot MateBook from USB disk

Step 3: Reset/recover HUAWEI MateBook password.

After HUAWEI MateBook booting up from the USB drive, Windows Password Refixer will access your system and display all user accounts on the screen. Select one of user names, then click Reset Password button.

Reset HUAWEI MateBook password

This tool will check the status of your selected account and perform the following tasks to fix your password problem:

If you use a Microsoft account, it will change the password and provide you with a default one, note down this password, and then click Yes.

Reset MS account password

If you use a local account, it will remove the password to blank, so that you can regain access to HUAWEI MateBook without asking password.

Remove local account password

Note: If you would like to create a new account with administrator privilege for your device, click Add User button. Then type in username and password.

Step 4: When done. Click Reboot and unplug the USB drive.

Reboot PC

Your MateBook will restart. When Windows system boots, you can use HUAWEI MateBook normally.

Option 3: Factory Reset HUAWEI MateBook

If you've tried above suggestions and still can't remove password, you can try to reset your device. Factory reset is an operation which remove all apps and drivers you have installed on your HUAWEI MateBook and remove all password how have set. It will bring back the default settings which makes your device as if it come right from the manufacturer.

Way 1: Use the power supply that came with your HUAWEI MateBook to charge the battery. Turn on or restart the HUAWEI MateBook and press the F10 key until the System recovery screen displays on the screen. This will boot into recovery mode. Then tap on Start button on the screen to begin the resetting process.

Charge the battery

Way 2: You can go to Settings > Update & security, under Reset this PC click Get started button.

Get started to reset PC

You can choose to keep your personal files or remove erverything.

Keep my personal files

That's it.