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How to Create Shortcut for Event Viewer on Windows 10 Desktop

The Windows Event Viewer is a useful tool to solve the problem of different Windows. If you open and use it frequently at work to comb all Windows warnings and mistakes, it's worth creating Event Viewer shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop that allows you to quickly access the Event Viewer without going through many steps. Meanwhile, it's available for you whenever you need it. As you see, there are two Event Viewer shortcuts on Windows 10 desktop (as shown in the screenshot below).

create event viewer shortcut on Windows 10 desktop

In this article, we show you three ways to create Event Viewer shortcut on the Windows 10 desktop.

Way 1: Create a new shortcut called Event Viewer on Windows 10 desktop

Step 1: Go to the Windows 10 desktop.

Step 2: Right-click any empty area on your desktop and select New > Shortcut from the pop-up list.

right-click desktop to select new and shortcut

Step 3: When the Create Shortcut wizard has been launched, type C:\Windows\System32\eventvwr.msc command in the location box and click Next.

type command and hit next

Step 4: At this point, a shortcut named eventvwr is shown in the name box. You can rename it as Event Viewer and click Finish to create Event Viewer shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop.

type event viewer and click finish

Way 2: Send Event Viewer shortcut to Windows 10 desktop

Step 1: Type Administrative Tools in Taskbar Search box and click it from the Search result to continue.

type administrative tools

Step 2: In the Administrative Tools, right-click Event Viewer to choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) from the drop-down menu. This Event Viewer shortcut will display on your Windows 10 desktop.

send event viewer shortcut to desktop

Way 3: Create a BAT file for Event Viewer on Windows 10 desktop

Step 1: Open Run dialog box by pressing Win+R keyboard shortcuts, type notepad in the box and click OK/Enter to open Notepad window.

type notepad

Step 2: In the Notepad window, input eventvwr or eventvwr.msc.

input eventvwr or eventvwr.msc

Step 3: Next, click File > Save as or press Ctrl+S keyboard shortcuts to open the Save As window.

click file and save as

Step 4: In the Save As window, select Desktop in the left-side pane, type Event Viewer.bat in the File name box and click Save to add Event Viewer shortcut to your Windows 10 desktop.

type event viewer.bat and click save