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How to Change Workgroup Name in Windows 10

This is a quick guide on how to change Workgroup name on your Windows 10 PC to join an existing workgroup on a network or create a new one.

How to Change Workgroup Name in System Properties

Use these steps, you can change the displayed name in the sign-in screen on your device to make it more private.

Step 1: Open the System Properties.

Press Win + R to bring up Run dialog. Type sysdm.cpl Run Command and press Enter key.

Open System Properties

Tip:  If prompted by UAC, then click/tap on Yes.

Step 2: Locate to Computer name tab. Then click Change button.

Click Change button

Step 3: Type a new name under Workgroup box. Then click OK.

Change Workgroup name

Step 4: When it popup a dialog asking you to restart the computer to apply the changes. Just click OK, then restart your PC to make it effect.

Restart computer to apply the changes

How to Change Workgroup Name in Command Prompt

You can quickly change Workgroup name by executing command in Command Prompt Window.

Step 1: Right-click on Start icon on the Start menu, select Command Prompt from the menu.

Open Command Prompt

Step 2: In Command Prompt window, execute the following command:

wmic computersystem where name="%computername%" call joindomainorworkgroup name="Workgroup-Name"

Rename Workgroup in Windows 10

When finished, close the command prompt, and restart the computer to apply.