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How to Take Ownership of a File, Folder or Drive in Windows 10

Cannot access, change, save, or delete file and folder? This guide describes how to assign ownership of a file, folder or drive and grant full permissions to your account in Windows 10. This can help you fix "Access denied to files and folders problem.

Gain permission to access file and folder

To take ownership of a file, folder or drive, here's how:

You must sign-in as an administrator to take ownership and change permission on file, folder or drive.

Step 1: Right-click the file, folder or drive, that you want to take ownership of, then click Properties.

Step 2: Select the Security tab. Click the Advanced button.

Advanced settings

Step 3: In the Advanced Security Settings dialog, click Change link.

Change owner username

Step 4: Type in your account name and then click Check Names button. Click OK.

Select user or group

Step 5: Select Replace owner on sub containers and objects check box. Click OK.

Check the Replace owner on objects option

Step 6: When back to the Permissions window, under Group or user names, click your name. Under Permissions for Administrators, select Allow checkbox in the Full Control row, and click OK.

Add Full control