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How to Set a PC as Microsoft Account Trusted Device

This post provides how to add and remove Trusted Device associated with your Microsoft Account Online.

Tip: You may need to verify your Microsoft account, if you have not do that.

Part 1: Set a PC as Trusted Device Associated with Microsoft Account Onlinee

If you don't want to enter a security code each time when you try to access sensitive info associated with your Microsoft Account. You can set your PC as a Trusted Device with your Microsoft Account Online.

Step 1: Go to the website, such as Sign in to your Microsoft account, Sign in to OneDrive, to sign in with your Microsoft account.


Step 2:Select how you would like to get your security code for verification, enter the re-quired information, and click on Send code.


Step 3: Enter the code you received, Then check the box I sign in frequently on this de-vice.
Don't ask me for a code
. And then click on Submit.


Part 2: Remove all Trusted Device Associated with your Microsoft Account

Step 1: Go the Sign in to Microsoft account site, and sign in with your Microsoft account.


Step 2: Click on the Security & Privacy tab, and click on the More security settings.


Step 3: Scroll down to the Trusted devices section, then click the Remove all the trusted devices associated with my account link.


Step 4: Click on Remove all trusted devices to confirm.