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How Can I Recover Unsaved Text Document Notepad File

Notepad is a basic plain text editor that it has no autosave feature to remember and save the current editing content. Generally, when you accidentally delete or close an unsaved text document, you may have permanently lost the content in the Notepad.

Practical Way to Prevent .TXT Files from Deleting

There are some great tips may help prevent users from accidentally losing data:

Tips 1: Save text file while editing it. Use Ctrl+S shortcut keys can help prevent users from accidentally losing much data. Generally, before any content is permanently removed, you'll be asked to confirm the deletion. To avoid accidental removal of your content, double-check these warnings before clicking Confirm.

Prevent text file from deleting and losing

Tips 2: Perform regular backups is the best way to prevent your file from being deleted or lose fewer data. There are 2 ways: either to an external drive or somewhere on the Internet. If you like, you can start your text document in OneDrive folder on your Computer. As long as you save your file, it will automatically sync with It's the really handy and time-saving way.

Regular back up text document Notepad file

Tips 3: Recover text file using third-party tools. It is impossible to find or restore an unsaved text document or Notepad once it’s closed unsaved. There are a wide variety of third-party tools that may help you find lost unsaved .txt files from temp files in Windows 10.