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How to Recover Unsaved/Deleted Notepad File

Notepad is a basic plain text editor that it has no autosave feature to remember and save the current editing content. Generally, when you accidentally delete or close an unsaved text document, you may have permanently lost the content in the Notepad. But since the contents of the Notepad file has been saved in the computer temporarily, there is still faint hope that you can recover the unsaved Notepad documents from temporary files.

Recover unsaved Notepad files from temporary files

Where are the notepad files stored? They are usually saved in: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming. If you have neither shut down the computer, nor created a new notepad file, nor edited a new text document, you can try to restore the unsaved file or recover the deleted notepad file from the local temporary file.

Step 1: In the search box on the taskbar, type %AppData%, and select %AppData% from the list of results.

Step 2: Type the filename "*.txt" into the search textbox in the upper right corner. Wait for the searching process to proceed.

Search for unsaved text file

Step 3: If the unsaved text file is listed in the search results, you can copy it to another safe location.

Note: If you are unable to see hidden files, click the View tab, and check the checkbox next to "File name extensions" and "Hidden items". This will reveal all hidden files.

show hiden files


1. Use a third-party tool to recover unsaved/deleted/overwritten notepad files

It may not always be possible to restore Notepad files from temporary files. If you loss important data, you can use a professional document recovery program to help retrieve deleted text files.

Leading software: Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows PC

2. Save text file while editing it.

This is a good time to start a new habit of hitting the Ctrl+S keys to save the content in an opening notepad file manually. This will maximize the security of your important information. Generally, before any content is permanently removed, you'll be asked to confirm the deletion. To avoid accidental removal of your content, double-check these warnings before make confirm.

Prevent text file from deleting and losing

3. Back up your notepad file.

This experience has demonstrated the importance of backups. It's a good idea to keep a copy or two on your computer or keep a copy on a storage device like a USB flash drive. Another way to prevent file issues is to store documents online with Microsoft OneDrive saving files to OneDrive gives them an extra layer of protection even if something happens to your computer OneDrive will keep your files safe and accessible.