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How to Enable PIN Requirements and Create a Complexity PIN

Windows Hello in Windows 10 enables users to sign in to their device using a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You can use this PIN to sign in to Windows, apps, and services. PIN login lets users to login with a four-digit number. The PIN is really short and simple that is easy to crack by hackers.

This tutorial will show you how to enable PIN complexity feature that allows you to set up a complex PIN with special characters, uppercase or lowercase letters for users to make PIN more secure on Windows 10.

How to Enable a PIN Complexity Requirements using Group Policy

This option is only available in the Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions.

Step 1: Open the Local Group Policy Editor.

Open Local Group Policy Editor

Step 2: In the left pane of Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to: Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ Windows Components\ Windows Hello for Business\ PIN Complexity

Step 3: In the right pane of PIN Complexity, you can see 8 different policies to customize PIN complexity. Most of them are set to Not Configured by default, double-click on these policies to edit them as you like.

Customize PIN complexity

  • Require digits: Your PIN must contain at least one digit number.
  • Require lowercase letters: Your PIN must contain at least one lowercase letter.
  • Require uppercase letters: Your PIN must contain at least one uppercase letter.
  • Require special characters: Your PIN must contain at least one of these special characters: ! ” # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~ .
  • Expiration: Lets you set the number of days before the PIN expires and forces users to change the PIN.
  • History: Prevent you from reusing previously used PINs. You can configure Windows to remember 0 to 50 history PINs.
  • Maximum PIN length: This policy lets you set a maximum number of characters you can use to create a PIN.
  • Minimum PIN length: Determine the least number of characters that a PIN may contain. This should be less than the Maximum PIN length.

Configure PIN length

Step 4: When finished setting up the PIN complexity, restart Windows 10 to make your changes take effect.

How to Create a Complex PIN for Windows 10 User

Use these steps you can create a PIN and use it to login to Windows 10, it's really convenient.

Step 1: Open the Settings app. Click on Accounts icon.

Accounts option

Step 2: Select the Sign-in options, on its right side, click the Add button under the PIN section.

option

Step 3: When account password verification dialog appearing, enter your current password, click Sign in.

Enter your current password

Step 4: Set up a PIN.

The Set up a PIN box will appear, click the PIN requirements links so that you can view the PIN complexity requirements configured on your computer.

Use PIN requirements feature

Set up a pin

Step 5: Press Win + L keys to lock your device, and try to sign-in entering your new PIN.

Logon to Windows 10 with PIN