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How to Enable Default Account on Windows 10 PC

Default Account is a built-in local account. It is created and managed by the system, and it’s a member of the System Managed Accounts Group. By default, it is disabled and doesn’t show up on Windows 10 sign-in screen. This tutorial will show you how to enable DefaultAccount on Windows 10 PC.

How to Enable Default Account in Command Prompt

Use these steps, you can easily enable the hidden Default Account in Windows 10, so you can log into this account and discover its purpose.

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Press Windows logo + X keys, then hit A key on the keyboard.

Run Command Prompt as an administrator

Step 2: In Command Prompt window, type commands below, then press Enter key.

To activate the DefaultAccount account: net user DefaultAccount /active:yes

Command to change it to the standard user: net local group Users DefaultAccount /add

Enable Default Account via Command Prompt

Step 3: When finished, restart your PC. Then you can log into DefaultAccount without typing a password.

Log into DefaultAccount

How to Enable Default Account in Local Users and Groups

You can enable Windows 10 Default Account from Local Users and Groups.

Step 1: Open Local Users and Groups.

Press Win + R to open Run dialog, enter lusrmgr.msc and click OK.

Open Local Users and Groups

Step 2: Open the Users folder, right-click on the DefaultAccount and select Properties.

Open the Properties of DefaultAccount

Step 3: Uncheck Account is disabled option.

Uncheck Account is disabled option

Step 4: Add this user to the Users group.

Click the Member Of tab at the top, and then click the Add button.

Add default account to the Users group

In the Select Groups window, type Users in the object name box and click OK.

Select Groups

Step 5: Click Apply and then OK. Restart your PC, you will see the DefaultAccount user show up at the Windows 10 login screen.

Log into Windows 10 with DefaultAccount