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Run Activation Troubleshooter to Re-activate Windows 10 Device

In Windows 10 Build 14371, Microsoft introduces another new feature like the Activation Troubleshooter, it allows you to run to re-activate a system under certain circumstances. This post will show you how to run activation Troubleshooter to fix the activation problem.

How to run the Activation Troubleshooter in Windows 10

You must sign in as an administrator to be able to use activation troubleshooter. And make sure you're signed in with the Microsoft account that you've previously linked to the Windows 10 digital license.

Step 1: Click the Start menu and select Settings. Click Update & Security.

update and security

Step 2: Click on the Activation tab on the left side, and click on Troubleshoot under Activate Windows now.

add an accoun

Tips: The Troubleshoot option won't be available unless the operating system is not activated.

Step 3: Click on Yes when UAC prompts.

allow to use troubleshooter

Step 4: The Activation troubleshooter will now attempt to detect activation problems.

activation troubleshooter detecting problem

Step 5: After troubleshooting completes, click on the I changed hardware on this device recently link.

changed hardware recently Windows 10

Step 6: And then sign into your linked Microsoft account.

activation add microsoft account

Step 7: Select the device you're currently using and then click Activate.

reactivate Windows 10

Step 8: Then your Windows should be activated.

reactivation via troubleshoot

Tips: If it doesn't activate, maybe you need additional help to reactivate Windows on your device, contact Microsoft customer support or try to activate by phone or go to Store. You can refer to the following reasons why you can’t reactivate Windows.

the reason why cannot reactivate Windows