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How to Switch Input Methods on Windows 10 PC

To switch which language you're using in Windows, select the language abbreviation at the far right of your taskbar, and then select the language or input method you want to use. You can also use some hotkeys like: Windows logo + Spacebar, Shift + Alt, or Shift + Ctrl after changing key sequence.

How to Switch Between Input Language with Default HotKey

You can easily switch input methods on your Windows 10 PC with default hotkey.

Option 1: Use Windows key + Spacebar.

Switch input method

Option 2: Press Left Shift + Alt keys.

The default hotkey to change input language in Windows 10 is Left Alt+Shift. Press on these two hotkeys, you can quickly change input languages in Windows 10.

Switch input methods with Shift + Alt keys

Option 3: Switch between input language using the Language bar.

Step 1: Simple click on Language bar icon, select the input language you want to switch to. If you are using Touch Keyboard, click on the Touch Keyboard icon at the bottom right corner of Taskbar.

Open Touch Keyboard

Step 2: In Touch Keyboard, click Keyboard icon to display a menu of keyboards, then choose and change input language in Touch Keyboard.

Change input language

How to Change Language Bar HotKeys in Control Panel

You can quickly change the input methods or input languages hotkeys, replace Ctrl + Alt with Shift + Alt.

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Right-click on Start icon, click Control Panel from the menu.

Open Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Change Input Methods link under Clock, Language, and Region.

Change Input Methods

Step 3: Click Advanced settings in the right side list.

Language input Advanced settings

Step 4: Browse to Switching input methods section, then click on Change language bar hot keys link.

Change language bar hot keys

Step 5: Click on the Change Key Sequence button to set new hotkeys to switch input languages.

Change Key Sequence

Step 6: Switch input language default hotkeys with Ctrl + Shift.

Switch input language

Press on Shift + Ctrl hotkeys, you can quickly change input languages in Windows 10.

Change input languages