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4 Ways to Lock Windows 10 PC

You can lock your Windows 10 when you need to leave your computer for a while but don’t want to shut it down, or just in case someone suddenly comes just when you are seeing some critical data on your PC.

Some people may sign out of Windows 10 to turn off its display, but this way, your running applications should close. However, locking your PC can keep the running applications open while turning off the display. See the following 4 ways to lock Windows 10 PC.

4 ways to lock Windows 10 PC

Choose one way that you think is the most convenient.

Way 1: Press Win + L key on your keyboard. Your computer will get locked.

Press Win + L to lock Windows 10

Way 2: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del key. On the screen, select Lock.

Select Lock

Way 3: Press Win key on your keyboard to bring out the Start menu. Click your user name and then select Lock.

Click Lock

Way 4: Lock Windows 10 PC by creating a shortcut on the desktop. This is a more advanced way that few people may know.

Step 1: Right-click on any blank area of your Windows 10 desktop. Then select New > Shortcut.

New shortcut

Step 2: Type C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation in the field under Type the location of the item. Then click Next.

Type the location of the item

Step 3: Type a name for the shortcut, like "Lock PC". Then click Finish.

Type name for the shortcut

Now, you can see a shortcut icon on the desktop. Double-click the icon so that you can immediately lock your Windows 10 PC. Or you can drag/pin the shortcut icon to your Taskbar so that you can click it once to lock your PC.

Double click the shortcut icon to lock Windows 10 PC


After your Windows 10 get locked, it displays the lock screen. Just click on the lock screen and then click Sign in so that you can back to your Windows 10 again if your account has no password.

If you’ve ever created a password for your account, once lock your Windows 10, you will need to type the password to sign in. Unfortunately, if you can’t remember your password after leaving your computer for a long time, you will be locked out and unable to sign back to your Windows 10. But take it easy. You can use the Windows Password Refixer program or some other way to unlock your Windows 10 PC when forgot the password.