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How to Handle Your Old Mobile Phone Safely

How to deal with your old mobile phone? Here remind everyone not to throw! If the old mobile phone is discarded, all the contacts, text messages, photos and other information you have deleted from your old mobile phone will be recovered and accessed. What's worse, the information is leaked and misused. To prevent this information from being leaked or abused by others. You'd better deal with your old mobile phone safely.

Here comes the question: How did old mobile phone information leak out? How to handle an old mobile phone safely? Today, I'm going to talk to you about how did information from old mobile phone get out and how to deal with it safely. Please see the following full-processing strategy.

How did old mobile phone information leak out?

1. No normally deleting data or no resetting Factory Settings to erase data.

When the system executes the file deletion, it is only made a ''delete'' mark. Although the system default is that the data has been deleted, but the stored data itself still exists, which only in a covered state.

2. Top level information can be easily recovered without operating new data.

Since the data on the hard disk can be overridden repeatedly, data recovery can only read the information covered at the top. If you just now delete photos, contacts, etc., they will be restored by others with ease.

How to handle an old mobile phone safely

1. Don't throw your mobile phone away as domestic trash.

2. Do not store important private information in your old mobile phone, such as user name, ID card information and so on.

3. Install a ''File Shredder'' in your old mobile phone to thoroughly wipe out data, or go to a regular mobile phone recycling institution or maintenance center to ask professionals to help you completely destroy the mobile phone data.

4. If there is a memory card in the phone, keep the privacy file in the memory card as far as possible, When changing the phone, just take out the memory card and insert it into the new phone.

5. Back up all the data on your old mobile phone. After backing up important data, return the phone to reset Factory Settings or formats.

Reset factory or format phone

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I hope everyone will take good care of their old mobile phones to avoid their private information being restored by mobile phone hackers.