Do Some Tips to Prevent Android Phone from being Overheated

avoid android phone overheating

How to do if the phone gets hot? How hot is too hot? When it comes to the hot and dry season, smartphones also have little resistance to heat. When using a cell phone, the battery and memory will be hot. This build-up of heat not only slows down the phone but also causes liquefaction in the battery, which can cause the display to separate from the body. Thus, it is necessary to prevent your Android phone from overheating. Here are some of the tips you should be aware of when using your phone.

Great tips to prevent Android phone from overheating

Tip 1. Don’t put it in the places of over 30 degrees centigrade.

do not put it in above 30 degrees

Be aware that when exposed to cell phones to sunlight, the temperature will suddenly rise and cause abnormal fever. In addition, the cell phone display will be damaged if the display is exposed to sunlight for a long time. Some of the images on the LCD screen will be lighter in color and may even cause the cell phone display to burn down.

Tip 2. Avoid using it for a long time in the direct sunlight.

keep your cell phone out of direct sunlight

If you use your phone in a high-temperature place, the heat won’t dissipate even if you run a simple operation, which causes a malfunction. So please be careful not to use your cell phone in hot sun or heat place, especially don’t play games and social software and play video. Because of a large amount of download traffic and a great deal of data processing, it is easy to increase the CPU load of data processing. At this time, even if the operation is completely OK in a cool place, it may cause abnormal fever.

Tip 3. Remove the dust from the earphones and external microphone holes.

remove the dust

It is possible that the small holes such as the earphone and external microphone are clogged with dust, which causes the internal heat of the cell phone to accumulate easily. So pay attention to clean up the dust.

Tip 4. Don’t place it close to your body.

If you keep your cell phone in your pants pocket and other places that take care of your cell phone, it may be wet with sweat and submerged by water is the same state. Because sweat contains salt, it is more likely to damage the floor than pure water. In addition, moisture accumulates in the connector, making it easy to short-circuit when charging.

Tip 5. Stop using your phone once it gets hot.

stop using phone when it gets hot

Don’t use your cell phone when you feel it hot. Continuing to use your phone when it’s hot, which is likely to cause the battery to expand and cause the motherboard to malfunction.

Tip 6. Don’t cool down sharply in front of the refrigerator or air conditioner.

If the phone that has been heating is cooled down suddenly, the cold air outside and the temperature difference inside the phone will produce condensation reaction, which is the same as soaking in water. I have had such bad cases before, so pay more attention.

Attention: If the battery has deteriorated, it will be extremely hot when charging, and the problem will be more serious when the weather gets hot. If the battery is constantly running out of power and getting hot, replacing the battery should be a good strategy. If it is easy to generate a fault because of the heat of the external environment, it should be cut off with the computer, TV and other household appliances. Let it have a good rest.

Tips: Great solutions to prolong the battery life of the Android phone.


Let us pay more attention to the “health management” of cell phones and work together to overcome the difficulties.

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