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Great Tips to Prolong Your Android Phone's Battery Life

If the user wishes to extend the effective life of the battery, in addition to the quality of the charger to have assured, proper charging methods are also essential. Because poor quality chargers or incorrect charging methods will affect the usage time and cycle life of the battery, here are 4 tips for extending the battery life of android phone.

Tips on extending the life of your Android phone's battery

Tip 1: Choose chargers with guaranteed quality

use special chargers

1. Please use the original factory or reputable brand charger. The lithium battery should use the charger of the lithium battery and follow the instructions, otherwise, the battery will be damaged or even dangerous.

2. Lithium-ion battery must use a special charger, otherwise, it may not reach saturation state, which will affect its performance. After charging, avoid placing the battery on the charger for more than 12 hours, and separate the battery from the phone when it is not used for a long time.

Tip 2: Matters needing attention for charging phone

charge phone

1. There are a lot of users often keep their cell phones on while charging. In fact, this will easily harm the life of the phone, because during the charging process, the circuit board of the phone will heat up. If there is an external phone at this time, which may produce a transient backflow current and damage to the internal parts of the phone.

More importantly, it's not that the longer it takes to charge the phone, the more durable the battery will be. When the battery is full without a protective circuit, it should stop charging, otherwise the battery will be affected by heat or overheating.

2. The battery life depends on the number of times of repeated charging and discharging. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid charging the battery when it has more power, which will shorten the battery life. When the cell phone is shut down for more than 7 days, the battery of the cell phone should be fully discharged, and then use it after fully charged.

3. If the newly purchased cell phone battery is lithium-ion, the first 3 to 5 charges are generally called adjustment period and should be charged for more than 14 hours to ensure the full activation of lithium ion. Lithium ion battery has no memory effect, but it has a strong inertia. So, it should be fully activated to ensure the future use of best performance.

4. Before charging, the lithium battery does not need special discharge, the improper discharge will damage the battery. Charge as slowly as possible when charging, reduce fast charge mode; Do not exceed 24 hours. After three to five times of full charge and discharge cycles, the battery's internal chemicals will be fully "activated" to achieve the optimal use.

5. Before charging the nickel-cadmium (N iCd) battery, it is necessary to ensure that the battery is completely non-electric, and the battery must be fully charged after recharging.

6. Although the mobile phone is within the network coverage area, they can no longer accept and make calls when the mobile phone is turned off and charged. At this time, the mobile phone can be transferred to a fixed telephone to prevent the loss of calls by using the mobile phone's untransferred function. This method is also suitable for the mobile phone is not in the network coverage area or the signal is weak so that temporarily unable to connect.

Tip 3: Select special receptacles

use special receptacles

Self-discharge exists in all cell phone batteries, the nickel-hydrogen battery will discharge about 1% of the remaining capacity every day when not in use, and lithium battery will discharge between 0.2% and 0.3% per day. When charging batteries, use special receptacles as far as possible, and do not share the receptacles with chargers and TV appliances.

Tip 4: Don't expose battery to high or cold temperatures

phone battery

1. For example, you should not put your cell phone into your car to stand the hot sun. Or take it to an air-conditioned room where the air is blowing. It is normal for a battery to be a little hot when it is charged, but it cannot be insulated from the heat. To avoid this, it's best to charge at room temperature and don't cover anything on your phone.

2. If the cell phone battery is placed for too long and unused, it is best to apply to the cell phone maintenance department for a battery to do a live processing, or you can use a DC constant voltage device, adjust the voltage of 5 ~ 6 v, current 500 ~ 600 mA reverse to connect the battery. Note that the device is released at a touch and can be repeated at most three times. After such treatment, the original charger is used for "adjustment period" charging.