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How to Unlock Excel Spreadsheet without Password

"My Excel spreadsheet was locked and I forgot the password, how can I unlock my Excel spreadsheet without knowing the password?"

Frankly speaking, it will be not easy to unlock password protected Excel spreadsheet when don’t know its password. You may have known one or two ways from the web to crack Excel spreadsheet password, but it may require you to modify hundreds of codes, which is very difficult to do and wastes time. What’s more, the ways don’t work for all versions Microsoft Excel and spreadsheet’s format.

But take it easy. With iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer you can effortlessly unlock Excel spreadsheet without password. It’s a specialized password recovery tool for all versions of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet/workbook in both .xls and .xlsx format.

How to unlock Excel spreadsheet without password

Now download and install Excel Password Refixer on your Windows computer. Then refer to the following steps to unlock your password protected Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1: Add locked Excel spreadsheet into the program.

1. Run Excel Password Refixer. Click Open button on this program’s tool bar.

2. Navigate to your locked Excel spreadsheet and add it into this program.

Step 2: Select password attack type.

The program provides four password attack types including Brute-force, Dictionary, Mask and Smart. Select one attack type and check the settings according to your password features.

Select password attack type

Tips: Dictionary or Mask will be your most likely option. Know more about Dictionary and Mask password attack.

Step 3: Recover Excel spreadsheet password.

After carefully selecting the password attack type and setting the options, now click Start button on the tool bar. Then the program will start to discover the Excel spreadsheet password with very fast speed. Quickly it will pops up a dialog to tell password has been recovered successfully and show you the password.

Excel spreadsheet password is recovered

Step 4: Unlock Excel spreadsheet with the password.

Now write down the password and then type the password to unlock your protected Excel spreadsheet. Or directly Click Copy button and then click Open button on the Excel Password Recovered dialog, then paste the password to unlock your Excel spreadsheet.

Tips: If your Excel spreadsheet’s format is .xlsx, in addition to the above unlocking method, you also can use Excel Password Remover to remove the password protection from Excel spreadsheet so that you unlock your Excel spreadsheet without password.