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How to Unlock Password Protected Outlook PST Files

When using Outlook, all your email messages, calendaring, contacts, .etc should be saved into the data file called PST, that’s why people usually setup password to protect the PST files. Yeah, password protection is indeed very necessary for the data security in PST files. Now the question is, once forget or lose the .pst password, which makes your .pst file locked so that you can’t open your password protected .pst file, what can you do? Just take it easy. It’s not impossible to unlock password protected Outlook PST files as long as you pick the right method. Following see how to unlock a .pst file that is password protected.

Firstly, you need to know you will need the help of a specialized Outlook Password program. Maybe there are some programs provided on the web, which claim they can remove password from Outlook pst file or reset pst password. Many people tried but failed.

So here we provide a specialized Outlook password recovery tool called iSumsoft Outlook Password Refixer, which will certainly work for you to unlock password protected Outlook PST file or OST file.

Easy operational steps to unlock password protected PST file

Step 1: Install Outlook Password Refixer.

Download iSumsoft Outlook Password Refixer by any Google search. Or directly download it on iSumsoft official website. Then install this program on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Add password protected .pst file into the program.

1. Run Outlook Password Refixer.

2. Click Open button.

Click Open

3. Navigate to the path to your pst file. Select it and click Open button to add it to this program.

Navigate to your pst file

Tip 1: The Outlook .pst file’s default location is C:\Users\Username\Documents.

Step 3: Select attack type and settings.

Why do you need to select one appropriate password attack type? If so, this program will recover Outlook .pst password in the shortest possible time. Outlook Password Refixer provides 4 attack types and you can choose one from the drop-down box.

Select Attack Type

Tip 2: How to select one appropriate password attack type.

Step 4: Unlock .pst file.

1. After selecting attack type click Start button. It will instantly discover your Outlook .pst password.

Click Start

2. Password should be recovered successfully and displayed on the dialog box.

Password is recovered

3. Click Copy and then paste the password to unlock your password protected Outlook .pst file.

Tip 3: How to select your appropriate password attack type?

1. If you know your .pst password range and length, you can select Brute-force type and specify the password range and length.


2. Other than the password range and length, if you still can remember part of your pst password, you can select Mask type and set the Mask. For example, if you remember your password consists of 3 digits and the last number is 6, then you can set the Mask as ??6.

Set Mask

3. If your pst password consists of some common characters such as ab, abc, add .etc you can select Dictionary type. Then this program will discover your password from its built-in dictionary. Or you can create one dictionary as txt format. Then click Select Dictionary button to make this program discover your .pst password from your created dictionary.

Dictionary type

Tip 4: To help you make a right choice about attack type, you can learn more about Dictionary and Mask password attack recovery.

4. If you know nothing about your .pst password, then you have to select Smart type. It will discover all character combinations until recover your Outlook .pst password.

Smart type