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How to Restore Files and Folder Backups in Windows 10

If the files and folders on your computer get lost, damaged, or deleted, and you can restore them using File History. Here provides 2 methods to restore Backups in Windows 10.

Part 1: To restore a System Image Backups in Windows 10

Since system images are best used as disaster recovery backups, you can restore system image when necessary. here is three case you may meet, follow and see how to boot it from your recovery drive:

Case 1: If you can still boot into Windows

Go from Start menu, click on Settings, select Update & security. Select Recovery tab in the left pane, then select Restart now.


Case 2: If Windows won't boot and you have a System Repair Disc

Insert the disc into your optical drive and boot your PC. When you're asked to Press any key to boot, press any key. Then pick up a language.


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Case 3: If Windows won’t boot and you have a Recovery Drive

Insert the Recovery flash drive into a USB port and boot your PC. If your PC skips the flash drive and attempts to boot Windows, reboot and press F2 key entering your Setup screen.

Look for a boot or boot order option. Once you've successfully booted the flash drive, select a language.

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1. Once you're in a recovery environment, select Troubleshoot


2. Then select Advanced options.


3. When access the Advanced Options environment, click on System Image Recovery.


4. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Then you'll see the Re-image Your Computer wizard. Select to use the latest available system image, or select a system image backup.


After you complete the recovery, your computer will be restored.

Tip: If it needed, you can do the restore files and folders from within Windows at the Backup and Restore.


Part 2: To restore Backups using File History in Windows 10

After you’ve created a backup of a personal folder, you can recover any backed-up from File History Backups.

Step 1: Open Control Panel, click System & Security, then click on File History icon.


Step 2: If you've turned on File History backups, click Restore Personal Files from File History panel.


Step 3: To choose a time period, click the arrow buttons or the panes at the side of the window. Then select the exact version and files you need to restore.


Tip: You can choose to restore files from File Explorer.

Step 1: Press Win + E keys open File Explorer, locate to the Windows Backup.


Step 2: Right-click the file you want to revert, and click Restore previous versions.