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Excel (xlsx/xls) password recovery | remove/recover Excel password

"I forgot my excel document password, I need a password tool to recover or remove the forgotten password to open my excel document..."

In my experience, forgetting an Excel password is a troublesome thing, because it is impossible to open a password protected Excel document without password. Luckily, we still have choices to recover or remove the forgotten password and re-open the Excel document.

If you in case that forget password to excel 97/2000/2003 document with .xls suffix, luckily, you can use the option 1 to remove the forgotten password in a few minutes. If your document is a .xlsx suffix file, option 2 tells you how to find back the lost password. However, if the password is strong, the recovery process may take a long time.

Options for Excel (xlsx/xls) password recovery.

Option 1: Remove Excel (.xls) document password with iSumsoft tool.

If you Excel file is a Excel 97~2003 Workbook (.xls) which generated by Excel 97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013, you can use iSumsoft Office Password Remover to remove the password easily. Step as follow:

1. Get full version of iSumsoft Office Password Remover, and install it on your computer. Tips: You must connect your computer to the internet when you use the software to remove the password.

2. Open Excel file.

3. Click Remove Password button to remove the password. This action will take about 5 minutes.

4. Open the Excel file without any password.

Option 2: Recover the excel (.xls, .xlsx) password with iSumsoft Office Password Refixer tool.

Whatever the Excel file is generated by which version of Excel program, iSumsoft Office Password Refixer can help you find back the lost password. If your Excel file is .xls format, I recommend you use iSumsoft Office Password Remover to remove its password.

Step by step guide to recover xls/xlsx file password.

Step 1: Open File.
Click Open and select the Excel file which you forgot password for.

open lost password excel file

Step 2: Choose best setting for xlsx password recovery

If you don't know any thing about your password, you can set the Type of attack to smart, and keep the other setting as default. If you remember some characters or the length of the password, I strongly recommend you spend a few minutes to learn about dictionary and mask password attack for office, and make the best options, because it will save you much time.

select password recovery attack

Step 3: Waiting the program to recover excel password
After making the attack settings, you can click the Start button and wait for the program to find back the lost password. A dialog box will pop you up to remind you the exact password after it successfully recover the Excel password. Tips: The recovery process will take a long time if the lost password is strong, so please wait patiently.

successfully recover excel password

If you get the picture above, the program has found the lost password for you. Congratulations!