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Office Document Password Recovery | Remove forgotten office password online

If you forget the open password to your office document (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pst, .ost), you can use the following way to recover or remove the lost password.

Option 1 can help you remove the lost password in a few minutes if your office document is word 97~2003 (.doc) and excel 97~2003 (.xls) format.

Option 2 can help you recover the password whatever the office document format. However, if your office documents are generated by office 2013 and office 2010, the recovery process will be in low speed.

Option 1: Remove office document password online
Option 2: Recover Office document password

Option 1: Remove office document password with iSumsoft password removal tool

iSumsoft Office Password Remover can help you remove a password for .doc and .xls document online, so it just need a few minutes. Detail steps as follow:

1. Get iSumsoft Office Password Remover full version and install it on your computer.

2. Open a .doc or .xls document.

3. Click "Remove password" and wait a moment to get the unlocked office document. Tips: This program works online, so you must connect your computer to the internet.

Option 2: Recover office document with iSumsoft Office password Refixer.

If your password is a long password , it will take a long time. To save your time, I recommend you spend time to learn about Dictionary and Mask password attack, and try to use dictionary and mask to recover your password. If that fail to recover the password, then you can try smart mode to find the password.

Steps to recover document password:

1. Get full version of iSumsoft Office password Refixer and install it.

2. Open a password protected office document.

3. Perform a password recovery setting. See Dictionary and Mask password attack.

4. Start password recovery ,and wait for the program to recover the password. The recovery process may be very long, so you can do other thing at the same time and check the result every few hours.