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How to Find Zip Password to Decrypt an Encrypted ZIP File

"When I attempt to unzip files from a Zip file, a Decrypt dialog will display requesting a password. I have no idea about what password it is, is there any possible way to help me find the forgotten password to decrypt zip file?"

WinZip does not have anything that can help with the recovery of lost Zip file passwords. Fortunately, there is a good way to recover zip files password that is by using a specialized tool ZIP Password Refixer. If zipped data is really important to you, this tool is certainly worth a try. Let's see how to use it.

How to find password for a zip file with ZIP Password Refixer

ZIP Password Refixer is an easy-to-use, secure, and high-efficient password recovery software. It helps retrieve password from ZIP in the shortest possible time without any data loss. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Download and install ZIP Password Refixer.

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Step 2: Retrieve ZIP password.

1. Add your password-protected ZIP file.

Click on Open to select the password-protected ZIP archive file and add it to the software.

Add encrypted zip file

2. Choose an attack type and set relevant password parameters.

Brute-force is a default password recovery attack type in our software. This is quite helpful when you have a basic idea of what characters your password consists of. The range has many different options to choose from. If you know that your password consists of all small Latin letters, then you can select just that option and untick the other characters. This will significantly improve the decryption time as the software only has to scan limited characters.

The more appropriate the settings are, the faster zip password would be found. You can also see Dictionary and Mask Password Recovery Attack Settings to learn more.

Select a password attack type

3. Start the password recovering process.

Once the password is found, it'll appear on a window.

Start finding forgotten zip password

Step 3: Decrypt ZIP file with the password.

Then you can decrypt the files archived in the ZIP with the password you have found.

Decrypt zip file with found password

So there is no need to worry about forgetting password from ZIP files. With the powerful ZIP file password refixer, you are sure to open encrypted ZIP files in only three steps and unzip protected files easily.