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How to Unlock ZIP File without Password

As far as we know, WinZip/7ZIP/ZipItFree are several compression software we often use. In order to prevent data leakage, we tend to set a relatively safe password to encrypt a ZIP file. Once password is set, ZIP is locked. And the users won't be able to unlock ZIP file without the password you set.

Now the problem is what if you forget/lose password and lock yourself out of the ZIP archive. Things seem a little tricky. You can't open all the files/folders archived in the ZIP file. What should you do to unzip a password protected ZIP file in such a situation?

Just take it easy! Things are not as bad as you thought. Becuase you can retrieve the forgotten/lost password from a locked ZIP archive without effort at least by using the specialized tool ZIP Password Refixer. Then you can unlock the ZIP with the password that's recovered.

How to unlock zip file with ZIP Password Refixer software

Compared with other ZIP password cracking software, ZIP Password Refixer should be more easy-to-use, secure, and efficient. It helps retrieve password from ZIP in the shortest possible time without any data loss.

Step 1. Install ZIP Password Refixer on your computer.

Go to the ZIP Password Refixer product page, download and follow Setup Wizard to install it on your computer. When installation is completed, launch iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer.

Launch software

Step 2: Retrieve password from locked ZIP.

1. Click on Open to select the password protected ZIP archive file and add it to the software.

Import locked ZIP archive file

2. Choose an optimal attack type set relevant settings can speed up password recovery proccess.

Brute-Force Attack: It will try all the possible password combinations within the length and the range that you have decided. Sometimes it may take a little long time to recover password in Brute-force.

Select a password attact

Mask Attack: The mask attack is for those who remember a part of the original password.

Dictionary Attack: It will try all the upper case and lower combinations that you have possibly provided. If you choose this attack, the program will attempt to enter all the possible words that can be found in a dictionary. You can either use your own database or you can use the one which is provided by the software by default.

Knowing more about Dictionary and Mask Password Attack Recovery can help you make a better choice.

3. Click Start to begin the password recovering process. Once the password is recovered, it will appear on the main interface of the program.

Retrieve ZIP password

Step 3: Unzip ZIP file with the password

Note down the recovered password and use it to unzip password protected zip file. Or you can directly click on the Copy button to copy the password. Then click on the Open button to open ZIP archive. Then you can unlock the files archived in the ZIP with the password.

Unlock zip file

How to unzip password protected zip file with NSIS

Good news: Now there is another free program called NSIS that can help you open a password protected ZIP file without password. It unzip ZIP file mainly by converting a password protected ZIP archive into an .exe file. As long as you install the .exe file, it will immediately extract the ZIP files without password.

Unlock ZIP with NSIS

NSIS can unlock most ZIP without problem. But it can't rule out that it doesn't work for some ZIP format. Anyway, you can have a try. Believe it won't let you down. Download site: