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Forgot RAR Password, How Do I Extract a Locked RAR File

The numerous files that are compressed with RAR compression are known as RAR files or WinRAR Compressed Archive. What to do if you forgot the password to access into RAR file? Luckily, you can unlock the lost or forgotten RAR password and even in a very easy way.

Here provide 2 options to extract rar file with or without knowing its password.

Unrar a Locked RAR File with Password You Know

To unlock the unknown WinRAR password for an archive which was downloaded from the Internet, you can ask for the Webmaster who allows you to download that file. This probably will enhance the chance of getting forgotten WinRAR password. Learn more options to open rar file in Windows 10.

Extract archive file

If you got a RAR file from a friend, colleagues, or your clients, the problem would be easy. But what if both of you lost the encrypted RAR file password. Don't worry! There are a number of useful ways to recover forgotten, lost archive password, please refer to Option 2 to learn how to unlock the password protected RAR archive with rar password recovery tool.

Find Original Password with RAR Password Recovery Tool

If you forgot or lost the RAR password to access into, you can use a credible third-party software program like iSumsoft RAR Password Recovery tool to find the original password and then open the encrypted file. This RAR password recovery will help you to recover your RAR password very fast. It is easy, safe, and never damage your original RAR data.

Step 1: Download and install RAR password Refixer tool.

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Step 2: Run the program, and then click Open to import your locked RAR file.

Open the password-protected RAR file

Step 3: Select Appropriate Password Recovery Mode.

There are four types of password recovery methods: Normal, Mask, Dictionary, or Smart.

1. Normal Password recovery type

It will try all possible combinations in a specified Range. This is quite helpful when you have a basic idea of what characters your password consists of.

If you know that your password consists of all small Latin letters and numeric digits, then you can select just those 2 and untick the other characters. This will significantly improve the decryption time as the software only has to scan limited characters.

Select appropriate password recovery mode

2. Mask Recovery Type

The Mask Attack comes useful when you remember a portion of your password.

For example, if you know that your password has 6 characters and starts with "ab" and ends with the number 8, you can type "ab???8" in the Mask box. The question mark symbol stands for unknown and the software will search only for the missing characters.

3. Dictionary

The Dictionary Attack is the best bet for you if you think that your password is a word that exists in a dictionary. All you have to do is select Dictionary from the Recovery Type option and then click on the Dictionary tab below. In the Dictionary tab, you can select the dictionary file path. By default, you can use the iSumsoft Dictionary text file, but the word collection is quite limited so you may not be able to recover your password with the Dictionary Attack. I would recommend you to create a dictionary by yourself. Check here to see how-to guide.

Dictionary password recovery type

4. Smart Attack

Smart Attack should be your last resort. Smart Attack should only be used if you have absolutely no idea what your password is. What the smart recovery does is that it does not ask for any character combinations or any specific symbols nor does it ask for the password length.

Smart attack tries out all the possible combinations possible and decrypts your password. Since the software has to scan for all types of combinations, this method is the most time-consuming. So, I would only recommend this if you have no clue about your password or if you have tried out all the other recovery types. The Smart Recovery will take its time, but it will surely be able to recover your forgotten password.

Step 4: Start finding password.

Simply click on the Start button to start the task. The process will take some time to complete. Once the program finds your RAR password, just click Copy and then Open button.

password for RAR file

Step 5: Unlock and extract RAR file with the recovered password.

Once you get the original password, you can open the RAR file that you wanted.

Enter password to extract rar file