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How to Setup and Use Mail App on Surface

Windows 10 introduces the new built-in Mail app which comes with many customizable settings options. You can add any of your email accounts and get it handy. This tutorial will show you how to setup and use Mail app on Surface tablet.

How to setup Windows Mail app on Surface

When sign in to Surface with a Microsoft account, your mail account is already set up. You can then add other accounts from Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and even your work email (Exchange ActiveSync). If you sign in to your Surface with a local account, your mail account hadn't set up yet, you first need to setup the email account in the Mail app. Here's how:

Step 1: Open Mail app.

Go to Start, tap on Windows logo button, then, tap Mail App live tile.

Start Windows Mail app

Step 2: Add an email account.

For the first time setup, you can click or tap Ready to Go straight if you only plan on using your Microsoft account. If you have any other email accounts you'd like to use, click Add Account, choose an account you want to add. Mail supports, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, iCloud by default.


Enter specific information, like email address, and the password for that account. Follow instructions to link your email account to the app.

How to Add additional accounts

Once you have your Mail app set up, go to the Settings panel of the Mail app, select Account. Then click/tap Add account in the right side panel, choose an account you want to add, follow instruction to add your e-mail account.

Add additional accounts

How to Add additional accounts

To remove email account, go to the main Settings panel, click/tap on Account option, and select the account you want to delete in the right panel.

Select an account

Select the Delete account option at the bottom, and click the Delete button to confirm your decision.

Remove account from Mail app