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Reset Windows Password on Surface Pro 4/3 without Data Loss

There is nothing in the world more maddening than forgot a password that you have set.

As Microsoft has applied different password type in Windows system, they are local password, PIN password, picture password, and Microsoft account password. Many users may forget the login password after away for some time if they usually use PIN or Windows Hello to unlock their Surface devices. This article describes 3 ways to change or reset forgotten Windows 10 password on Surface Pro 4/3 without any data loss.

Way 1: Reset Microsoft account online

If you are using a Microsoft account, but now you cannot remember its password, you can reset your password online from Reset your password page. If you have security info on your account such as the alternate phone number or email address, you'll be able to make a new password.

Forgot Microsoft account

Follow the instructions to change a new password. After you reset the password for Microsoft account, you can use the new password on Surface Pro.

Way 2: Reset local account with other Admin account

If you forgot your local account password, you can’t recover it. Instead, you can change local password. As long as you have one more Admin account that you remember the password, you can Sign into your Surface with Admin account. If you don't have another Admin account, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Go to Start menu, type control panel into Search box, tap it from the result list.

Open Control panel

Step 2: In Control panel, tap on Change account type under User Accounts.

Change account type

Step 3: Choose local account you want to change password for. Then tap/click change the password link on the left pane.

Change the password

Step 4: Type in the new password, confirm password, and password hint. Then, tap Change password button.

Enter new password

Way 3: Reset Windows password using a password-reset disk

What if you can’t get a security code either from your alternate phone number or email address when you try to reset Microsoft account password. Or you have any more Administrator accounts to change password for local account. What's worse, you haven't created a password reset disk before. Don’t worry, you can still reset your Windows password by using a specialized Windows password reset tool. Follow the following instructions to remove/reset your Surface Pro 4/3 password.

Step 1: Create a UEFI bootable password reset USB disk.

1. Download and install Windows Password Refixer into any available device.

2. When it launches, choose USB device option.

Choose USB device

3. Plug a USB flash drive, select your USB drive, click Begin burning to create password reset disk.

Create password reset disk

When this completed, unplug the USB stick and use it to reset password for your Surface Pro tablet.

Step 2: Configure your Surface to start from a USB device.

1. Shut down Surface Pro, insert the password reset USB disk.

2. Press and hold the volume-down button, press and release the power button. Keep holding the volume-down button until the Surface or Windows logo no longer appears on the screen, release volume button and now it will boot from your USB drive.

Hard restart Surface

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to boot from your USB drive. Select Boot configuration, then select USB Storage and drag it to the top of the list. Select Exit, and then select Restart Now.

Step 3: Reset forgotten Surface Pro password.

When Surface boots up from the boot USB drive, Windows Password Refixer will access your system and display all user accounts on the screen.

1. Select a Windows. Select a user that you have forgotten password. Then click Reset Password button.

Reset Surface password

2. When asked to set password to blank, click Yes. If you use a Microsoft account, it will reset the password and provide you a default password. You need to note it down and then click Yes.

Set password to blank

3. Then you will see that user password becomes Blank. Click Reboot and unplug the USB drive to restart your Surface Pro tablet boot from hard drive normally.

Reboot Windows

When Windows system boots and you can login without typing any password, or sign in with the default password it provided if you sign in with a Microsoft account.