11 Different Ways to Access Control Panel on Windows 10

open control panel windows 10

Control Panel is a commonly-used desktop app in Windows 10, which is accessible via the Start menu. It allows users to view and make basic system settings, such as deleting software, control user accounts, and so on. There are at least eleven ways to access Control Panel on Windows 10. You can check it out if you are interested.

Way 1: Launch Control Panel by the desktop icon

Double-clicking the desktop shortcut icon is the traditional method to launch a desktop app. If you have a desktop icon for Control Panel, just double-click it.

control panel desktop icon

Way 2: Access Control Panel via Cortana search box

Click in the Cortana search box, which is next to the Windows icon at the far left of the taskbar, then start typing control panel. Actually, once you finish typing control, the Control Panel app will appear in the search result, and you can click to open it.

type control in cortana search box

Way 3: Access Control Panel via Start menu

Click on the Windows icon to bring up the Start menu, then find the “Windows System” folder and click to expand it, so that you will see the Control Panel.

In addition, you can right click on the Control Panel and choose Pin to start option to pin Control Panel to Start menu for easier access.

find control panel in start menu

Way 4: Open it via Run command box

Open the Run command box using Win + R, then type in control and click OK.

type control in Run

Way 5: Access it via Command Prompt

Launch Command Prompt, then type in control and press Enter key.

type control in Command Prompt

Way 6: Access it via Windows PowerShell

Open Windows PowerShell, then type in control and press Enter key.

type control in Windows PowerShell

Way 7: Access Control Panel via Windows Settings

Open the Settings app. Type control panel in the “Find a setting” search box, and then choose Control Panel from the drop-down list.

search control panel in Windows Settings

Way 8: Go to Control Panel via Address toolbar

Type control panel into the Address toolbar on the taskbar, and press Enter key.

Tips: If you don’t have an Address toolbar on your taskbar, you can right click on any empty space of the taskbar and select Toolbars > Address to show the Address toolbar.

type control panel in address toolbar

Way 9: Access it via File Explorer address bar

Open File Explorer, then type control panel into the address bar and press Enter key.

search control panel in file explorer

Way 10: Find Control Panel from System32 folder

Go to C:\Windows\System32, then find the control.exe application file, and double click it.

control panel in system32 folder

Way 11: Access Control Panel via Task Manager

Open the Task Manager, and click File > Run new task.

click Run new task

Once the “Create new task” dialog opens, type in control and click OK.

type in control

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