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Can I Remove RAR Password if I Forgot the Open Password

It provides great convenience for us to compress important files into one RAR archive file. And setting a password to encrypted the RAR archive will further ensure data security. But the important question is that can I remove RAR password if I forgot the Open password? I think it’s a question everyone concerns about. Now, the answer is Yes.

At present, there is no any programs which can directly remove RAR password. Even so, we can indirectly remove the password by 2 easy steps.

2 steps to remove RAR password if you forgot the Open password

Step One: Recover forgotten password from encrypted RAR file

Firstly we need to recover the forgotten password from the encrypted RAR file with the help of iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer – one of the most powerful RAR password-cracking programs.

Step 1: Download and install this iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer on your computer. Then run it.

Step 2: Click Open button. Navigate to the path to your password forgotten RAR file and add it into this program.

Step 3: Select password attack type.

Select attack type

Tips: "iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer" provides the most effective Brute-force with Mask and Dictionary attack to help recover RAR file password with the fastest speed and within the shortest time.

Step 4: Click Start button and then this program will crack the RAR password fast. After a while, the forgotten RAR password is recovered successfully and displayed in the dialog box.

RAR password is recovered

Step Two: Open RAR file and remove the password

You can see the recovered RAR password displayed in the dialog. Then write it down. So you can use the password to open all the files compressed in the RAR archive. That is, you can use the password to extract the files/folders from the password protected RAR archive. Now, the thing you want to do most may be removing the RAR password protection so that in future you can open the RAR file without entering password. As RAR has no feature of removing password. To remove RAR password, you can firstly extract your files/folders from the password protected RAR archive, then recompress the files/folders to a new RAR archive by not setting any password. Then delete the original password protected RAR archive file and keep the new RAR archive without password.