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Remove Print and Edit Security Protection Password from PDF Document

In general, we open a PDF file to print and edit. In order to prevent PDF file from being accessed by others, we set a password to protect it so that we can feel secure about our important data and information in the PDF document.

But recently, many people reported that they cannot find any way to remove PDF file security protection password because they always forget PDF Document Open password so that they are unable to open the password-protected PDF document. If you encountered the same situation, just take it easy, here we recommend you use this iSumsoft PDF Password Refixer. It is one of the most powerful and effective tools that can help you easily and quickly recover security protection password from PDF file in the shortest possible time. Once the password is recovered, open a password-encrypted PDF file with Adobe Acrobat to remove its password.

How to remove print and edit security protection password from PDF file

iSumsoft PDF Password Refixer can instantly recover PDF Document Open Password so that you can unlock your PDF document and open it with Adobe Acrobat to remove its password in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: Download and install PDF Password Refixer on your computer, launch it fleetly.

Step 2: After running the software on your PC, click the Open button (or choose the File/Open File) on the top left corner.

open pdf file

Step 3: Next, browsing for the print and edit protection PDF file, select it and click Open button to add it into this tool.

select pdf file

Step 4: Select the type of attack

There are 4 password attack types such as Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart. Select one appropriate type depending on your own situation.

choose password attack type

Tips: To help you make a right choice about attack type, see this post: Dictionary and Mask attack. Learn more about how to perform a high-performance password recovery.

Step 5: Finally, click Start button to discover the PDF password. Once PDF password is recovered, it will be shown in the PDF Password Refixer dialog, click Copy button or write/note down the recovered password. Next, you can remove PDF Document Open Password using Adobe Acrobat.

click start button