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How to Unsecure a Secured PDF File without Open Password or Permissions Password

Before, we introduced how to secure a PDF document with PDF user password and owner password, which are also called ''Document Open Password'' and ''Permissions Password'' respectively. However, sometimes, the passwords can be a hindrance to opening and editing/printing a secured PDF document, especially when you forget or lose the password. Hence, you may want to unsecure a PDF file.

Now, this page will show you how to unsecure a secured PDF file without open password or permissions password.

Part 1: How to unsecure a secured PDF file without Document Open Password

If you are asked to enter a ''Document Open Password'' while opening a PDF file but you don’t know the password, a ''PDF Password Refixer'' tool can help you find/retrieve the password, so that you can use the password to unsecure the secured PDF document. Steps are as follows.

Step 1: Get PDF Password Refixer tool installed on your computer, and then launch it.


Step 2: Click the Open button, then navigate to the path to the secured PDF document, and add the path into the software.

Add PDF file path

Step 3: Select one attack type and choose its relevant options, such as Range and Length.

select attack type

Step 4: Click Start to start discovering PDF Document Password.

Click Start

Step 5: When password is recovered successfully, note it down.

Note down password

Step 6: Start Adobe Acrobat and open the secured PDF file with the recovered Document Open Password.

Open secured PDF document with the password

Step 7: Click File -> Properties.

Select Properties

Step 8: After the Document Properties dialog opens, select the Security tab, and then select No Security from the drop-down button next to Security Method.

Select No Security

Step 9: When you are asked if you are sure to remove security from this document, click OK. This will remove Document Open Password from the PDF file.

Click OK

Step 10: Press Ctrl + S to save the changes. Then the PDF document is unsecured.

Part 2: How to unsecure a secured PDF file without Permissions Password

If you have no ''Permissions Password'', you are unable to perform many tasks on the secured PDF document, such as edit, print, etc. Luckily, you can bypass the PDF permissions password while printing the secured PDF document through a web browser, such as Chrome.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser, then drag and drop the secured PDF document you want to unsecure into a new tab. This will open the secured PDF document in Chrome. If the PDF document is password protected, you will need to enter the Document Open password.

Step 2: Right-click on any area of the PDF document, and then select Print from the drop-down menu.

Click Print

Step 3: On the Print panel, click the Change button and select one destination to save the PDF document to be printed. For your convenience, you can select ''Save as PDF''. Then click the Save button.

select destination to save PDF

Step 4: In the ''Save As'' dialog, select one destination such as Desktop, then type a name for the PDF file, and click Save button.

Save as PDF file

Through the Chrome browser, the original secured PDF document is printed and saved to an unsecured PDF document. And you can edit, print, and make other changes to the PDF doc in Adobe Acrobat.