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Practical Browser Keyboard Shortcuts Make Surfing Easier and Productive

Get to know your browser shortcuts and surf the web more effectively. This article lists the most commonly used browser shortcuts. Master these shortcuts and make them serve you well, which can save you a lot of time.

Practical Keyboard Shortcut for Browsers

These shortcuts will work in all your browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.



Find specific words on a page Brings up a search box allowing you to search for a specific word on a page.
Print page shortcut Prints whatever you have selected.
Save as bookmark Save the current webpage as a bookmark.
Open a new tab Open a new tab.
Reopen the last closed tab Reopen the last closed tab.
Open clear browsing data options Open the Clear Browsing Data options.
Close current window Close the current window.
Close current tab Closes the currently selected tab.
Zoom in or out Zoom in or out.
Reset zoom to default Reset browser zoom to default
Open history page Open the History page in a new tab.
Go to the top of webpage Go to the top of web page
Go to the bottom of webpage Go to the bottom of the page.
Stop webpage loading Stop the page loading
Refresh or reload the page Refreshes or reloads the page that you are on.
Focus the address bar Focus the address bar so you can begin typing.
Full-screen mode on or off

Turn full-screen mode on or off.

A particular useful shortcut if you are using multiple windows.

Open homepage Open homepage.
Open url in new tab Open ULR of address bar in a new tab.