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How to Add Comments to a PDF Document via Adobe Acrobat

When you do some reading, proofread or modify on pdf documents, you might want an easy way to add comments to PDF document. There are a number of PDF markup tools that you can use to add comments, they include highlights, sticky notes, text boxes, and mark-up tools. You can place comments to anywhere on the PDF page.

Here we look at how to add comments to documents in Adobe Reader.

Add comments to a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 1: Open PDF document with Adobe Reader. Click Comments > Show Comments & Markup Toolbar.

Show comments and markup tool

Step 2: Highlight PDF texts.

Click on the Highlight button and select any texts in PDF to highlight the texts.

Highlight PDF text

Step 3: Add or delete sticky note.

Select Sticky Note, and then type your comment text in the pop-up note.

Add sticky note

Note: If you close the pop-up note after finishing typing, your text will remain. To delete sticky note, select the note icon, and click Delete.

Delete sticky note

Step 4: Add text comments.

Choose Text Box from Comment toolbar, click on the page with Text Box tool and then start typing.

Add text comments

Alternative: You can use the Callout tool  to create a callout text box. This is very useful when you want to single out, but not obscure a particular area of a document.

Use callout tool

Step 5: Use drawing markup tool.

Select a drawing tool, such as, a line, an arrow, a oval or a pencil tool to create a shape as you need.

Add drawing markups

If you change your mind about something, might want to delete the comment, select the comment or a shape you want gone and click the Delete button.