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How to Add Comments to a PDF Document via Adobe Acrobat

When you do some reading, proofread or modify on pdf documents, you might want an easy way to add comments to PDF document. There are a number of PDF markup tools that you can use to add comments, they include highlights, sticky notes, text boxes, and markup tools. You can place comments to anywhere on the PDF page.

Here we look at how to add comments to documents in Adobe Reader.

Add comments to a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 1: Open PDF document with Adobe Reader. Click Comments > Show Comments & Markup Toolbar.

Show comments and markup tool

Step 2: Highlight PDF texts.

Click on the Highlight button and select any texts in PDF to highlight the texts.

Highlight PDF text

Step 3: Add or delete sticky note.

Select Sticky Note, and then type your comment text in the pop-up note.

Add sticky note

Note: If you close the pop-up note after finishing typing, your text will remain. To delete sticky note, select the note icon, and click Delete.

Delete sticky note

Step 4: Add text comments.

Choose Text Box from Comment toolbar, click on the page with Text Box tool and then start typing.

Add text comments

Alternative: You can use the Callout tool  to create a callout text box. This is very useful when you want to single out, but not obscure a particular area of a document.

Use callout tool

Step 5: Use drawing markup tool.

Select a drawing tool, such as a line, an arrow, an oval or a pencil tool to create a shape as you need.

Add drawing markups

If you change your mind about something, you might want to delete the comment, select the comment or shape you want to go and click the Delete button.