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How to Unlock Access Database Password for ACCDB/MDB

Can’t open password protected ACCDB or MDB files and be locked out of Access database? Now here explains an easy and quick way to unlock Access .accdb/.mdb database password. It is the tool called "Access Password Refixer", with which you can recover Access database password you forgot, find the password you lost, or crack an unknown password for Access database. And this powerful program supports all kinds of database format including .accdb/.mdb/.mvb .etc and all versions of Microsoft Access. Following let’s see how to use this program to unlock password protected Access database. And we will take .accdb database as an example.

How to unlock Access database password

Step 1: Download and installation.

Download, install, and then run iSumsoft Access Password Refixer on your Windows computer.

Tip: If your Access database password is no more than 3 characters, just free download the Access Password Refixer to get the trial version. But if your password is more than 3 characters, you have to register or purchase to get its fully version to unlock your Access database password.

Step 2: Add password protected Access database file.

Click Open button in the upper left corner on the tool bar.

Click Open button

In the Open File dialog box, navigate to your locked Access database file. Select it and click Open so that the database file should be added into this program.

Open Access database

Step 3: Select the type of attack.

This program provides 4 password attack types, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Select one appropriate type and its corresponding options/settings depending on your own situation and your password features.

Select attack type

Tip: To help you make a better choice of an attack type, you can know more about Dictionary and Mask attack. To help you choose better corresponding options/settings, you can know the tricks of how to perform a high performance password recovery.

Step 4: Recover/Find/Crack Access database password.

After selecting the password attack type and options/settings, now click Start button on the tool bar.

The password will be recovered successfully and displayed in the dialog box.

Access Password Recovered

Step 5: Unlock Access database with the password.

Now just click the Copy button and then the Open button in the Access Password Recovered dialog. Then you will be asked a password to open the Access database. Just press Ctrl and V keys to paste the password to unlock the access database.

Unlock Access database

Tip: In addition to this program, another program called Office Password Refixer supports to recover/find/crack Outlook/Excel/Word/Access password. So it can also help you unlock Access database password successfully.