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How to Unlock Password-protected PowerPoint File without Password

Microsoft PowerPoint allows us to use password to protect a presentation file from being opened or modified by unauthorized users. However, if you forgot or lost the password, Microsoft won’t help you recover it and you will be locked out of the password-protected PowerPoint file. So, is there an effective way to unlock a password protected PowerPoint file without the password? The answer is Yes. Now this page will give the practical methods.

Part 1: Unlock PowerPoint file that requires a password to open

When you're asked to enter a password to open the presentation file, but you don’t know (or forgot) the password, you can unlock the password-protected PowerPoint presentation easily with the PowerPoint Password Refixer tool. Here are the simple steps.

enter password to open file

Step 1: Install and then run PowerPoint Password Refixer.

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Step 2: Click the Open button, select the password-protected PowerPoint file and add it into this program.

add password protected PowerPoint file

Step 3: Select a password recovery type and configure the relevant settings as needed.

Tips: By default, this program adopts Normal type to recover PowerPoint password, which is very effective. However, if you can remember the basic information of your password, such as how long it is and what kind of characters are included, you can set Range and Length options to speed up the password recovery. If you can still remember the password partially, consider using Mask or Dictionary password recovery to further shorten the recovery time. In brief, selecting an appropriate recovery type and setting the relevant parameters accurately will speed up password recovery and help unlock PowerPoint presentation in the shortest time.

select recovery type

Step 4: Click the Start button to recover PowerPoint password.

Step 5: Unlock password protected PowerPoint presentation with the password.

When the password is recovered successfully, the password will be displayed on the screen. Then you can simply click Copy followed by Open to copy the password and open the password protected PowerPoint presentation.

password recovered

When “Enter password to open file” dialog appears, paste the password in the Password box and click OK. So, the password-protected presentation file is unlocked successfully.

Part 2: Unlock PowerPoint file that’s protected with a modify password

If you are prompted to enter password to modify when opening a PowerPoint presentation (as shown in the figure below), but you don’t know the password, you can only open the presentation as read-only. The contents are locked and no changes can be made. In this case, to unlock the read-only PowerPoint presentation, you can remove the modify password with the utility PowerPoint Protection Refixer.

enter password to modify

Step 1: Install and run PowerPoint Protection Refixer.

Step 2: Click the Add button to add the presentation file that is protected with a modify password.

click Add button

Step 3: Click the Start button, so the modify password will be removed immediately.

PowerPoint password is removed

Meanwhile, the original presentation file is saved as an unprotected presentation file in the same location. That means the PowerPoint presentation is unlocked and you can open and modify it without typing any password.