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How to Unlock Password-protected PowerPoint File without Password

Microsoft Office program provides several options to allow users to lock PowerPoint presentation, among which the Encrypt with Password feature can be used to protect a PowerPoint presentation with password so that anyone requires a password to open the presentation. This tutorial shows how to unlock a password-protected PowerPoint presentation without password.

How to unlock password protected PowerPoint presentation by password recovery

If you forgot password to unlock a password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint Password Refixer can help you effectively recover lost or forgotten password for Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2016 .ppt and .pptx files.

Step 1: Download and install PowerPoint Password Refixer on your computer.

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Step 2: Launch PowerPoint Password Refixer program. Click Open button to select your password-protected PowerPoint file (*.ppt, *.pptx) and add it into this program.

Open password-protected PPT presentation

Step 3: Select password attack type and configure the relevant settings as needed.

Select a select an appropriate attack type and configure accurately attack parameters can accelerate the PowerPoint password recovery speed and help unlock PowerPoint presentation in the shortest time.

1. If you choose Brute-force attack, the program will try all possible combinations in the specified Range which you can select by yourself. Available options under Brute-force mode: caps Latin, small Latin, digits, special symbol, space, all printable and password length. For example, if you still remember that your password was made up with 6 characters and for digits only, you can select digits for the Range option. This may greatly reduce the password recovery time. Open Length option, type in two number to define the range.

2. If you can recall part of the password, the Mask attack is the best choice. To do:

Firstly, you need select the Brute-force attack type. Then, click on Length option to set the minimum and maximum length of the password and then specify what symbols to be searched in range option.

Brute-force attack

Next, select Mask attack to set the Start from, End at, Mask box. Such as, your password is "isum007", you still remember the first part is "isum", then you can set the Start from box to "isum", set the Mask box to "isum???".

Mask attack

3. If you select Dictionary attack, this program will try all the passwords strings in its built-in or yourself-created dictionary. If the protected password is in the self-created password dictionary, it can recover the password easier than any other attacks. If you have a self-created dictionary file, click Dictionary > Select Dictionary to use it.

You can also refer to Dictionary and Mask password attack to select one password attack type that works for you. This helps perform a high performance on password recovery with this software.

Select password attack type

4. If you select Smart Attack, all range and length settings are set by default. PowerPoint Password Refixer will try all possible character combinations until find the right password. Simply choose Smart Attack from pull-down list and click “Start” button to start cracking. It will be performed to find out your password but that is the most time consuming approach.

Smart attack

Step 4: Recover PowerPoint password

Click on Start button to start PowerPoint password recovery.

Step 5: Unlock password protected PowerPoint presentation

Once your password has been recovered, the program clearly notifies you of the results. Click Copy and then Open button.

Password is recovered

To unlock your password-protected PPT file, past that recovered password in the Password box. And click OK.

Unlock ppt file

A second screen shows if there is a password to modify the file, when you don’t have the modify password, you can click Read Only and start viewing the contents of the file.

Read Only

How to Unlock Read-Only PowerPoint presentation

1. To turn off Read-only mode, you will need to make a copy to enter your changes.

Unlock read only protection

2. When you open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and see a yellow banner at the top of the window with the message "Marked as Final," you're working in a document that its author locked to protect it from additional edits. Click on the Edit Anyway button so that you also can unlock the read-only PowerPoint presentation immediately.

Edit Anyway

Then the PPT presentation gets unlocked. You can edit and copy it.

3. If the file properties set was set as read-only, you can check the file properties by right-clicking on the file and choosing Properties. If the Read-only attribute is checked, you can uncheck it and click OK.

Disable ppt file read only mode