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How to Remove Password Protection from PowerPoint 2016-2007 File

There are two password levels you can implement within a PowerPoint file: a password to open and a password to modify. However, even if you add a password to your presentation, there may come a time when you want to remove it. In this article, we will show you how to remove password to open from an encrypted PowerPoint file, along with super easy steps on how to remove password to modify a protected presentation if you forgot both passwords.

How to remove password to open from PowerPoint 2016-2007 if forgot password

iSumsoft PowerPoint Password Refixer is an easy-to-use tool designed for recovering PowerPoint password. If you’ve forgotten or lost the password to open and can’t be able to open the protected PowerPoint presentation, you can do the following to retrieve the password then remove it from PowerPoint file.

Step 1: Retrieve forgotten password to open PowerPoint presentation

1. Download PowerPoint Password Refixer tool and install it on your computer. After installation is complete, launch it.

2. Click the Open button to select your password-protected .ppt/pptx file and then click Open to import into this software.

Add .pptx file path

3. Select one password attack type and configure the parameter settings based on your needs.

There are four Attack Types for you to recover lost password. They are Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Smart Attack. Select an appropriate attack type and configure attack parameters accurately that can accelerate the PowerPoint password recovery speed, and help unlock your password-protected PowerPoint presentation in the shortest time. The details see how to select one appropriate password attack type.

Select attack type

4. Click the Start button to start password recovery process. Once password has been recovered, the program clearly notifies you of the results. Click Copy and Open button, and then paste the recovered password when Password dialog prompts.

Password is retrieved

Now, you are able to access the password-protected PowerPoint file.

Step 2: Remove password to open from PowerPoint presentation. (PowerPoint 2016-2010)

1. Click File and then select Info tab. Then click Protect Presentation -> Encrypt with Password.

Click Encrypt with Password

2. Click in the Password box and press the backspace on your keyboard to revoke the password. Then click OK.

Delete the password to open

Note: To remove password to open presentation file from PowerPoint 2007, you need click Office button, and then select the Prepare > Encrypt document. Clear the password field and then click OK. This will remove the encryption.

How to remove password to modify from PowerPoint 2016-2007 Presentation

Here I am going to show you a simple way how to remove forgotten PowerPoint password when you need to make a change with your protected PowerPoint 2016/2013/2010/2007 presentation.

Way 1: Save as a copy version of PowerPoint file

If you open a PowerPoint presentation that is protected by password to modify, the Password dialog box displays, If you have the password, type in the modify password to open the presentation. To remove Read-only mode, you will need to make a copy of ppt file. Then, password is discarded after you choose "Save As" and enter a new name for your presentation.

Remove read-only mode

Way 2: Remove modify password tag when you don't know its modify password

Or you can do the following simple procedure to remove password to modify from a .ppt/.pptx file.

Step 1: Make a copy of the original document. Rename the file extension name to ZIP, like as a ZIP compressed file.

Rename ppt file

Step 2: Double-click the .ZIP file, Windows Explorer will display the contents of that archive. Navigate to open the ppt folder and find presentation.xml file, copy and paste it to your Desktop. Then open it with a text editor, like Notepad or WordPad.

Presentation password

Step 3: Press Ctrl + F to bring up Find box, type in modify, and then press Enter key to search for modify, and delete the password tag that starts with <p:modifyVerifier cryptProviderType="rsaAES"......>

Remove password to modify

Step 4: Save the file and put it in the ZIP file to replace the old one. Change the file extension from .zip back to .pptx and hit Yes. Now, you can open and edit your password protected presentation without any restrictions.