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How to Reset iPhone When You Forgot Your Password

Your Apple ID is the key to everything you do with Apple products and services, from the App Store to iCloud to update to the latest version of iOS and more. If you forgot your Apple ID password, you'll be unable to reset iPhone when find my iPhone is on. Sometimes you won't even be able to use your device. Apple provides some options to reset the forgotten password.

  • If you have two-factor authentication turned on for your Apple ID, it is easy to change password and update it right in the Settings app on your device. Here's how to fix.
  • If you don't have two-factor authentication turned on for your Apple ID, you'll need to use your email address or answer security questions to change your password. Just visit

If you are having trouble trying to recover or reset your Apple ID password, even after troubleshooting, here's another measures to easily reset your iPhone when you forgot password.

Option 1: Reset iPhone without password with Recovery Mode

When nothing else works, restore your iPhone with Recovery Mode is another possible solution that is worth a try.

Step 1: Make sure that your iPhone isn't connected to your computer.

Step 2: Press and hold the Side (or Top) button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone. Then connect your iPhone to your computer while holding the Side (Home) button. Keep holding the Side (Home) button until you see the recovery mode screen.

Put iPhone into recovery mode

Step 3: Once the iPhone goes into recovery mode, locate your iPhone on your computer. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. The Finder or iTunes will download software for your iPhone.

Restore iPhone

Step 4: Wait for the process to finish. Then set up and use your iPhone.

Tip: Resetting your iPhone will not remove iCloud Activation Lock. You will be required to to enter your Apple ID & Password. Thankfully, if you have iOS 11 or later and your account is protected with two-factor authentication, you can turn off Activation Lock with your device Passcode. Tap Unlock with Passcode, then tap Use Device Passcode. Simply tap the Unlock with Passcode link and then tap Use Device Passcode.

Unlock iPhone with passcode

Option 2: Unlock iPhone using iPhone Password Refixer

Forgot your Apple ID password? When it comes to how to factory reset iPhone without Apple ID, the professional iOS passcode unlocking tool - iPhone Passcode Refixer is the best choice for you. It is the professional iOS unlocking software that allows you to completely remove Apple ID from iPhone without the password.

Step 1: First of all, get the software from official website, when the installation is done, launch it and choose Remove Apple ID to start the process.

Remove Apple ID

Step 2: Connect your device to computer and unlock your iPhone screen for this connection, click Trust on your iPhone, then tap on Start button.

Start to remove Apple ID

Step 3: If Find My iPhone is disabled, the software will immediately start removing the Apple ID and complete in a few minutes.

Removing Apple ID

Note: If your Find My iPhone has been enabled, please go to Settings > General > Reset All Settings to reset all settings first. After iPhone is reset and restart, the software will start removing the Apple ID.

Reset iPhone

Step 4: After deleting the Apple ID, you can set up your iPhone with another Apple ID without any problems. In this way, you will not have activation lock issues because the Apple ID and password have been permanently deleted from the iPhone.

Note: If this function not working for you, you can check and try the other function of iPhone Passcode Refixer to erase iPhone.