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Project Your Phone's Sreen to Windows 10 PC via Miracast

Want to share what you are doing on your PC, provide a slide show, and even play your favorite games on a bigger screen? Follow this guide to easily project your smartphone's screen to a wireless TV, projector or streaming player using Miracast.

How to Project Windows 10 Mobile Phone Screen to Wireless Display

Miracast makes it easy to project your smartphone's screen onto a PC, TV or projector. Here is how:

Step 1: Turn your PC into a Miracast receiver.

Click the Action Center in the lower right corner of the screen and then click the Connect button.

Go to the  Action Center

As the Connect app opens, you will see a message indicating that your PC is now ready to connect wirelessly.

Turn Windows 10 PC into Miracast Receiver

Step 2: Connect to the wireless display on your Windows Mobile Phone.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Action Center and click the "Connect" button.

Open connect app

You will now see the available connections listed there. Click on the wireless display you want to cast to. That is it!

Connect to Windows 10 PC on Smartphone

How to Connect to a Wireless Display on Your Android Phone

Miracast is available on Android devices with Android 4.2 and newer versions of Android. As long as your phone supports it, you can use the built-in Cast feature.

On Android, go to Settings and click Show. Scroll down on the Display screen and click Cast Screen.

Cast screen on Android

Tap the menu button and activate the Enable wireless display check box.

Enable cast screen

Tips: If you have wireless display enabled under Cast Screen, you can also cast from the Quick Settings screen. Things to do: Swipe down from the top of the screen to open Quick Settings and click the Cast Screen button.

Connect to wireless display from quick settings

If you open the Connect app, you should see your PC appear in the list here. Click on the one in the display and it will start casting immediately.

Connect to wireless device